The amarcord of “Techetechete ‘” starts again tonight with a tribute to Monica Vitti – iO Donna

The amarcord of "Techetechete '" starts again tonight with a tribute to Monica Vitti - iO Donna

P.very untual, like every summer for ten years nowthe history of Italian entertainment and culture becomes the protagonist a Techetechete ‘. The Rai 1 program, at the start tonight at 20.30 after the evening Tg1 and on air every day, he returns to play with the television archives mixing in montages that are sometimes witty, sometimes touchingcharacters and situations in a continuous amarcord.

Techetechete ‘it begins with a tribute to Monica Vitti

To inaugurate the new cycle of Techetechete ‘ is an episode dedicated to the beloved Monica VittiItalian actress among the greatest of our cinema disappeared on February 2nd shortly after celebrating his 90th birthday. In the special the forty-year career of the actress will be reviewed starting with some of his memorable interpretations, passing through some memorable television appearances up to a real treat.

And that is a unreleased movie from 1974 which sees the actress engaged in the duet To be or not to be with the dancer Giorgio De Bortoli.

Monica Vitti: portrait of the unforgettable actress

Monica Vitti: portrait of the unforgettable actress

Vitti temptress ante litteram at the cinema

The homage brings together The night by Michelangelo Antonioniwith Vitti temptress ante litteram by Marcello Mastroianni, e Drama of jealousy (All the details in the news) which was directed by Ettore Scola, again with Mastroianni and Giancarlo Giannini. We will then see her with Ugo Tognazzi in clips by The super-witnessfor which in 1971 she won a Golden Globe as best actress.

And still in Sorry if it is little of 1982, and in Flirtplayed in 1983 which earned her instead a silver bear for the best single contribution to the Berlin International Film Festival. That of Flirt it was also a convict set for Monica Vitti: with the director Roberto Russo she would have spent her entire life, first as a partner and, since 2000, as a wife.

Conductor of Sunday in

Among the hundreds of TV appearances of the actress, who naturally transitioned from dramatic roles to brilliant comedy, the authors of Techetechete ‘ have chosen clips of Canzonissima ’72, Milleluci ’74 And Evening of Honor ’89where we will see it with Gianni Morandi, and the edition of Sunday in 1993/94 that Monica led with Mara Venier and Luca Giurato.

Not only Vitti, Techetechete ‘celebrates other great Italians

The episode dedicated to Monica Vitti is only the first of a long series of special monographs by Techetechete ‘ dedicated to great TV and cinema personalities on the occasion of events, anniversaries, birthdays. Friday 17 will be the turn of Antonello Venditti and Francesco De Gregori – on their first couple tour of their life fifty years later Theorius Campusalbums they recorded together in 1972. Saturday 18th, on the day of the 70th birthday of Marcella Bellathe authors will dedicate the episode to the Sicilian singer and his brother Gianni, who wrote little things for his sister like Green Mountains And Without an iota of a head.

Next week it will be up to Lucio Dalla And Renzo Arbore and gradually they will find space Corrado Mantoni, Nino Manfredi, Leopoldo Mastelloni, Catherine Spaak, Iva Zanicchi, Orietta Berti, Patty Pravo, Cochi & Renato, Loretta Goggi, Raffaella Carrà and Mara Venier.

Painstaking work

To guarantee that right balance between brio and amarcord a Techetechete ‘ (whose title is truncated and not accented as desired by the lyricist Pasquale Panella who conceived it) is the painstaking work of 15 people. And the richness of the heritage of the Teche Rai. “To get to the construction of a single episode takes two weeks», They reveal to us from the editorial staff. After the choice of the character or the focus to follow, the search for the precious and almost infinite begins archival material that allows you to create new and captivating episodes.

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techetechete 'monica vitti

Mara Venier, Luca Giurato and Monica Vitti, Sunday presenters in 1992-1993. (Olycom)

TO Techetechete ‘ fun is a must

In addition to the monographic episodes, there are many others on fun and light themes, because in the summer carefree is a must. This is one of the secrets of the program that in the space of 10 years (the first episode aired on July 2, 2012) has carved out an important space in summer television. Space that it takes on the task of keeping the historical memory of the most agées alive and to make the past of the small and large screen known to the new generations.


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