Salvini: “It’s complicated to stay in government if it doesn’t cut taxes”

Salvini: "It's complicated to stay in government if it doesn't cut taxes"

Repent of being al government? “No. In a time of epidemic with full hospitals and the president Mattarella who asks if you are there, I take off my Lega shirt and keep the Italian one and I say yes. Then if I was counting on earning votes, I say no and I didn’t earn them. If this government does not cut taxes, does not remove Fornero, does not make fiscal peace after a pandemic and a war … or this is a government that cuts taxes or in the long run it is complicated to stay there. “Matteo Salvini this is how he replies to Bruno Vespa during the episode of Porta a Porta broadcast in the evening. And he adds: “We will weigh the government and the incisiveness of the League to the executive on work, taxes and pensions “.

Reform of the CSM, the Lega blitz fails. The Chamber rejected the amendment on pre-trial detention

by Liana Milella

Words that come on the day when the League in difficulty after the administrative vote tried to relaunch, finding itself united in the attacks on the government. And it did so on the troubled reform of the Csm which found itself in the Senate chamber presenting a series of amendments and above all asking for a secret ballot. But the attempt did not pass by paving the way for the measure. Salvini on TV comments on the results of the administrative which saw his party collapse throughout Italy. On Verona he says: “The agreement with Flavio Tosi I would do it in the morning because my sympathies must not have repercussions. I hope there is an agreement of all the center-right then Sboarina with Tosi “. Then he confirms that he had” disagreements “with Tosi but underlines” I want to overcome personal sympathies. “And again.” Verona the center-right has 60% but the center-right has managed to divide into two pieces, I plan to return in two weeks with a united center “. In Catanzaro, he adds,” Fratelli d’Italia has decided to go alone. I hope he will give us a hand there as in Alessandria, Monza and Frosinone “. As for the regional elections in Lombardy in 2023,” the goal is for the center-right to nominate only one person (between Attilio Fontana and Letizia Moratti, ed). If Fontana decides to re-nominate himself, I think that the entire center-right will support the outgoing governor – observes Salvini – Here I see a fairly well-defined path, even if I don’t want to impose anything on anyone “.

Another delicate issue: the trip to Russia, announced and then canceled. Today the MEPs of the Democratic Party, Pina PiciernoAnd Pierfrancesco Majorino, have submitted a question to the European Commission on its Russian mission to ascertain whether it constitutes a violation of the European Union sanctions against Moscow and, if so, to verify what measures they intend to apply to prosecute this conduct. The answer should arrive within six weeks. “I would have warned everyone, if I had left for Moscow. The announcement alone opened a pandemonium, as if I were going to arm a war. I go forward with transparency and with my head held high, but I was disappointed. Humanly, not politically”, says the Northern League leader. Commenting on the sanctions to harm the Russians: “We are reaching the seventh package, but can we say that up to now those adopted are benefiting Russia and damaging Italy? It is the only time in the world … I would like Brussels to hold the negative impact is also present. ” And what about Draghi’s mission in Kiev tomorrow? What mandate would I give him? I dose the words because when I speak of peace, three commissions of inquiry are opened for me. I have found that working for peace in Italy is complicated. I therefore wish Draghi my best wishes for what everyone’s goal is, namely the ceasefire. Finally Italy, France and Germany take back the space that belongs to them, it is a good thing. I hope they find a way to go to Moscow too “.

On the government’s okay to extend the mask obligation until September 30 for all means of transport, optional by plane, the League has lobbied to remove the obligation everywhere. ” We asked Draghi to do what all European countries do. 90 percent of EU countries have kept the obligation for hospitals and rest homes but to take trams and buses in August with 40 degrees, keeping it does not make any medical sense. There was some pasdaran of the mask, I hope today’s choice can be positively updated, keeping the obligation for hospitals and not for everything else … ”. While on the minimum wage, he comments: “As devised by the 5 Stars, it would damage 90% of Italian workers because it would lower the contractual minimum of those who have a national collective agreement, that is more than 80%. They have a higher wage” .

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