• May 28, 2023

Public contests are slow, so the PA cannot rejuvenate

A goal that is not only ambitious but above all that seems impossible: to reach 4 million public employees with an average age of 44 by 2028, as proposed by the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta, about 200 thousand people would have to be hired every year. (for a total of 1.3 million workers), with an average age of 28. But from the survey on public work presented yesterday at the Forum Pa 2022 – drawn up by Fpa, the company that organizes the event – it emerges that only 30 of the 55 most significant insolvency procedures launched between 2019 and 2021 have already been concluded, with the assignment of just 14,500 places out of the 103,000 put up for competition. Furthermore, the average age of new hires is 32: bringing it to 28 is “a real mission impossible” for FPA analysts. However, they reveal that there is a “recruitment campaign” that is going instead at a rapid pace, namely the one for Pnrr professionals: in 2021 there were over 15,000 fixed-term hires, in line with the expected deadlines.

The analysis on public employment remains merciless, however: the average age is 50, with peaks of 55 in some administrations, such as the CNEL and the Prime Minister. And there are still ongoing competitions banned over a thousand days ago. Blame the pandemic, certainly. But 248 days have also passed since the start of 15 procedures in 2021. An analysis not shared by Minister Brunetta, who yesterday morning should have participated in the inauguration of Forum Pa but instead gave up at the last moment, officially for “commitments institutional ones “, also disappointing the Istat employees who had taken the stage to protest against the establishment of the newco that will manage the software and IT services of INPS, Inail and the statistical institute itself, announcing a strike for June 20.

Brunetta then entrusted his reply to the analysis of Fpa, to a press release from the Public Function: “The monitoring carried out is based on a random, and not representative sample”, it is noted, adding that the calculation of the times of the insolvency proceedings ” is distorted by the long stop of the pandemic “, and moreover” the same report recognizes, compared to the 674 average days of duration of the competitions in 2019 and so far concluded, an average completion time of 141 days for those banned and completed in 2021 ” .

The report also examines the issue of recruitment difficulties, especially for the technical professions: “The demand for work is changing – says the president of Fpa Carlo Mochi Sismondi – the attractiveness of the permanent job is tarnished and the need for motivating work is growing. A career path based on merit and continuous training must be envisaged “. The trade unions agree on the analysis: the CGIL asks for “an extraordinary plan for employment in the public sectors”, while Anquap, the PA cadres union, denounces “salaries among the lowest in Europe and scarce attention to merit” .

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