• May 28, 2023

Pierluigi Boschi, father of Maria Elena, acquitted in the trial for the gold consultancy of Banca Etruria

All acquitted, even the father of Maria Elena Boschi. The Arezzo court acquitted the 14 defendants on trial for the 2015 Banca Etruria crash because “the fact does not exist” as part of the investigation into so-called gold consultancy. The sentence was issued today by Judge Ada Grignani after a short council chamber, which lasted less than an hour. This morning’s hearing opened with the only replies from the plaintiff lawyer Lorenza Calvanese. Two former savers, Angelo Caramazza and Paola Cerini, were also present in the classroom.

Banca Etruria, the accusation of forgery in the prospectus for Pierluigi Boschi filed

The prosecutor had asked for sentences ranging from eight months to one year for the crime of simple bankruptcy against former directors of the board of directors and former executives of the Aretine credit institution. The chief prosecutor Roberto Rossi was present at the reading of the sentence and announced his intention to appeal against the acquittal.

Banca Etruria consultancy, inquiries closed for 17 former directors: among them also Pierluigi Boschi

During the trial, the civil parties, representing the defrauded savers, had supported the demands of the public prosecutor, while the defense lawyers had asked for acquittal.

Arezzo, Banca Etruria archiving for father Boschi

Among the 14 defendants acquitted also Pier Luigi Boschi, at the time vice president of Banca Etruria, father of the former minister of the government Renzi Maria Elena, current group leader of Italia Viva alla Camera, for which the deputy prosecutor Angela Masiello during the indictment had asked the sentence of 12 months, as well as for Luciano Nataloni, Claudia Bugno and Luigi Nannipieri. For the other positions eight months had been requested for Daniele Cabiati, Carlo Catanossi, Emanuele Cuccaro; nine months for Alessandro Benocci, Claudia Bonollo, Anna Nocentini Lapini, Giovanni Grazzini, Alessandro Liberatori and Ilaria Tosti; ten months for Claudio Salini.

Gold consultancy, the prosecutor asks for a year of imprisonment for Pieluigi Boschi father of Maria Elena (IV)

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