Not only botox: the new anti-aging beauty treatments in the book by Antonino di Pietro – iO Donna

Not only botox: the new anti-aging beauty treatments in the book by Antonino di Pietro - iO Donna

G.guarantees the dermatologist Antonino di Pietro: anti-aging beauty treatments are not all the same, as he tells in his new book Lto beauty it is imperfection (Solferino editions).

«After all the years spent practicing my profession, I can say that it is not the paralysis of the muscles with botox, the balloon fillings with the fillers and the laser“ bulldozers ”that improve the appearance of a woman. Most of those who come into my studio just want to see themselves a little more beautiful than before, while keeping their natural appearance. “

Anti-aging beauty treatments: the opinions of Antonino Di Pietro

What should those who want to keep their face in shape do? “True youth, at any age, lies in the ability of cells to regenerate, promoting skin elasticity, firmness and hydration»Explains the expert.

The ageless face of Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwyneth Instagram)

«By studying the biological mechanisms of aging I have succeeded, in the course of my thirty years of experience, in fine-tuning anti-aging treatments that stimulate cell turnover“.

Boom in aesthetic demands, “Zoom Fatigue” effect

“Lately I have seen a marked increase in requests for intervention from my patients,” continues the expert. The reason? It is the so-called “Zoom Fatigue ”, fatigue from using computers and various technological platforms revealed by a Stanford University study on a sample of 10 thousand individuals.

The new book by prof Antonino Di Pietro, “Beauty is imperfection” (ed. Solferino)

“The too many video calls we have been forced to during these months have led us to a real” mirror anxiety “, especially on the part of women”. 13.8% of the interviewees classified the calls as very or “extremely” tiring.

1) Anti-aging treatments: the alternative of light to aesthetics

“In recent decades, numerous experiments have been carried out with light and it has been seen that some photons give a positive impulse to the regeneration of the skin, while others, on the contrary, can slow down the growth and turnover of cells. With lights that appear to us of yellow, orange and red, the cells tend to regenerate more effectivelyExplains Antonino Di Pietro.

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Sharon Stone, the beauty secrets for Cannes: LED mask and a stellar team

“On the contrary, lights that emit a blue or violet hues curb skin activities. Precisely for this reason, however, they can be used in the case of acne, to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria ».

With these premises, the professor has developed a treatment that is called Dermoneed and which combines the action of a fospidin-based mask with that of a special LED lamp, for controlled light exposure that acts on several fronts. A pre-step to classic aesthetic treatments, very valid as a prevention or alternative to zero invasiveness. And even celebs like it, from Victoria Beckham to Salma Hayek, who are passionate about masks and LED devices for home use.

2) The soft alternative to puncture: picotage

The most famous treatment of Professor Antonino di Pietro, the “Picotage technique”, it is inspired by the bites of mosquitoes: «you do not feel any kind of pain but their“ sting ”penetrates the dermis». This is the effect that inspires the treatment.

«It is a remedy for the damage that light rays induce in the most superficial cells of the skin. It is there, 1-2 millimeters deep, that the greatest suffering occurs and it is there, in the papillary dermis, that this treatment injects pure hyaluronic acid able to restore firmness and elasticity. All without bruises and without pain ».

3) Bio-restructuring to lift the oval of the face

When the profile of the face begins to yield and the contours are no longer firm and lifted, the professor advises: “You can intervene on the cheeks, chin-mandibular line and temporal areas, with very thin needles that allow the infiltration of hyaluronic acid at high intensity at a depth of 3-4 millimeters “.

«The treatment lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, is painless and requires neither preparation nor anesthesia. It is ideal after the age of 40but also recommended for those with a particularly hollow face ».

4) “Overlap” for neck, hands and deep wrinkles

Another ecstatic anti-aging treatment developed by the professor acts on swelling of the neck, back of hands and even feet, but it can also be useful on the eyes and lip contour.

«In general it is a technique recommended in all those cases in which wrinkles are very marked: it involves the use of pure hyaluonic acid, free of thickeners, injected at 1-2 millimeters to stretch the fibrous shoots and soften the wrinkle making it, over time, less dug ».

5) Lifting cheekbones: “push up” hyaluronic acid

A filler that lifts the cheekbone with a push-up effect. It can, with another innovative technique.

“A specific amount of Low density hyaluronic acid is injected under the Bichat bubble, the so-called fat pad that fills and shapes the cheek. It is positioned in a calibrated manner to create a semi-moon that naturally supports the cheekbones »explains Dr. Di Pietro.

«With this technique, the face appears more slender and there is no risk of distorting or exaggerating the volumes », he reassures.

6) Hyaluronic mesh against “elephant skin” wrinkles

The so-called “elephant skin” wrinkles, that is very dense, continuous like a texture all over the skin, are frequent in those who have been sunbathing without scruples for years. There is a new aesthetic remedy for those too, explains Dr. Di Pietro.

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«With a long and thin needle injected under the skin, we go to “Sewing” a series of hyaluronic acid threads into the superficial dermis, first horizontal and then vertical. The goal is to create a kind of subcutaneous texture: it will support sagging by relaxing the densest areas of wrinkles and making the surface appear more turgid and smooth », concludes the expert.


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