Mille Miglia, off you go: everything you need to know about the most beautiful race in the world

Mille Miglia, off you go: everything you need to know about the most beautiful race in the world

The most famous regularity race in the world for cars born between 1927 and 1957, the period in which the original 1000 Miglia took place, turns 40 years old. Today still a race, full of competition and adventure, which winds for almost 2000 km, from Brescia to Rome and back. A caravan famous for making cars both witnesses of changing places and of passing time. And this year we start again: the Red Arrow returns to being “sharing with a crowd along half of Italy” as promised at the press conference. At the starting line, the show promises to be unique: the past and the present together “to be exclusive at the same time inclusive”: lots of news from the brands and various well-known faces at the wheel. An event also “determined to build a cutting-edge tomorrow, made of beauty and sustainability”, says Alberto Piantoni, CEO of 1000 Miglia srl. A way to continue to be “the most beautiful race in the world”, as Enzo Ferrari said, even decades later, when the spectators are no longer the same.

In competition

At the start 425 historic cars including 71 veterans of the historic 1000 miles 1927-57. The first 10 cars starting from Brescia (piazza vittoria) are the “665 SUPERBA” OM (winner of the 1000 Miglia 1927). Alfa romeo is the most represented brand, with 50 cars. Noteworthy is the presence of the 6C 1500 Super Sport from 1928, the 1900 Sport Spider from 1954 and the 1900 Super Sprint from 1956: three precious specimens arrived from the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. In addition, two specimens of Alfa 8c 2003 return to Brescia after having participated in the 1000 Miglia of 1932. At the start there are also 9 specimens of OSCA for the 75 years of the House (of which 7 historic veterans), 19 Ferraris and 6 Maserati sports trim from competition.

The track
The race returns to the track that characterized the editions of 1947 and 1948 and the editions from 1950 to 1957: it will touch 250 municipalities. Where to meet the cars?

Wednesday 15th June
Wednesday 15 June at 13.30 we leave for Cervia-Milano marittima (22.30) passing through Salò (14:30) Desenzano (15.30) Sirmione (15.45) Sigurtà Garden Park (16.30) Mantua (17.45) Ferrara (19.00) Comacchio ( 21.00).

Thursday 16th June
Thursday from Cervia-Milano Marittima (6.00) we will leave to reach Rome (21.00) passing first through Forlì (07:00) Gambettola (07:45) San Marino (08:45) Urbino (10.00) Gubbio (11.00) Passignano sul Trasimeno (1.00 pm) Autodromo dell’Umbria (2.00 pm) Norcia (4.15 pm) Terni (6.30 pm) Rieti (7.15 pm).

Friday 17 June
Friday from Rome we will reach Parma (20.45) passing to Ronciglione (7.30) to Marta (8.45) to Siena (12.00) to Poggibonsi (13.45) to San Miniato (14.45) to Pontedera (15.15) to Cascina (15.30) to Viareggio (16.30 )
in Sarzana (17.30) to Passo della Cisa (19.00).

Saturday 18th June
Finally, Saturday 18 June, we will leave Parma to return to Brescia (16.30) with a stop in Varano de ‘Melegari (7.00), in Salsomaggiore Terme (8.00) in Stadella (9.30), in Pavia (10.45), at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza (12.30) in Bergamo (14.45), in Chiari (15.50) in Travagliato (16.00).

Special guest behind the wheel
As mentioned behind the wheel there will be more or less known faces. It starts with the Brescia cyclist Sonny Colbrelli, winner of the Paris-Roubaix 2021: in the leading car, the “Auto 1000”. He will be in the company of the actor Giorgio Pasotti. Do not miss the winning car of the 1000 Miglia of 1927 – the Om Superba 665 – on which the radio and television host Rudy Zerbi will be. Furthermore, Giancarlo Fisichella was also in the spotlight, driving a Tesla entered in the 1000 Miglia Green.
In the spotlight this year the numerous presence of female drivers: Lamborghini has thought of a Huracan as a “Pink Car”, where Victoria Cabello, (winner of the Beijing Express), showgirl Paola Barale and singer Arisa will take turns driving. support of the 1000 Miglia Charity project to raise funds for the Ieo Monzino Foundation. Alfa Romeo, on the other hand, which makes its debut with Tonale in front of the general public, marking the evolution of the Biscione towards alternative forms of propulsion, puts the international jurors of the Women’s World Car Of The Year behind the wheel for a 360-degree test of the car.

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