Male health: one in three under 20 has problems and only 2% are controlled. Here comes the Vocabulander

Male health: one in three under 20 has problems and only 2% are controlled.  Here comes the Vocabulander

Hsdd, that is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. An acronym that few people know and which indicates an expanding phenomenon even among the youngest: the reduction of sexual desire that affects up to 10% of men and has multiple causes.

Hsdd is one of the words that are explained in the Vocabulander, the dictionary of male health from A to Z that the experts will deliver to the boys and which will also be disseminated on social networks with the aim of spreading knowledge and, therefore, prevention especially among the adolescents who notice their sexual apparatus when hormones demand attention, but do not care about their health.

To increase the awareness of the very young, inform them and prevent them, the ‘Love without obstacles’ campaign of the Italian Society of Andrology (Sia) starts, which for the entire next school year, until June 2023, will bring andrologists to 100 schools around the world. Country involving 10,000 teenagers.

The age of unconscious lightness

There is no doubt that at 14 and throughout adolescence, boys have something else on their minds starting from experimenting with sexuality that should push them to take care of health as well, but this is not the case. According to SIA data, in fact, only 2% of under 20s went to the andrologist at least once, yet 30% of boys between 14 and 20 years old have an andrological disease and in one case out of 10 this could compromise fertility. future.

“Prevention – he explains Alessandro Palmieripresident Si and professor of Urology at the Federico II University of Naples – it must start from adolescence because problems that in this phase are not real pathologies must be identified to be addressed avoiding subsequent consequences as in the case of varicocele and the risk of infertility “.

The andrological problems of adolescents

Is it possible that at 14 there may already be andrological problems? “Unfortunately, that’s the way it is,” he replies Nicola Mondaini, creator and coordinator of the campaign and professor of Urology at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro. “The Sia awareness project was also born on the basis of previous experiences gained through andrological visits to students in schools. In one out of 3 boys an andrological problem was identified such as varicocele, cryptorchidism, congenital curved penis or other common ailments that in half of the cases can interfere with sexuality and in 10% with fertility “.

Another delicate issue is that of the condom, which can perform a fundamental preventive function at this age: “Unfortunately – continues Mondaini – it is used by less than one in two boys in the 16 to 18 age group and only 7% of those who use it. he considers it a tool to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. These pathologies are, on the other hand, very common among children, yet they are never mentioned “.

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Face to face with the boys

Sia tries to reverse this trend with the ‘Love without obstacles’ campaign which will involve young people in meetings where it will be possible to talk about the main andrological diseases, the rules of prevention and how to take care of one’s sexual health without falling into the trap of fakes. news, but relying on reliable and authoritative sources.

“Our andrological prevention campaign – continues Palmieri – wants to intercept young people and make them understand that they must and can contact the andrologist without fear. Through one-hour meetings in schools, specialists will address issues relating to prevention and knowledge of andrological diseases, leaving the children with the ‘Vocabulander’, a vocabulary of andrology in which to find correct and verified information “.

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The Vocabulander

Balanoposthitis, hemospermia, klinefelter: there are many words that teenagers (and not only) do not know the meaning of. From the A of azoospermia to the Z of zinc, an important mineral for the well-being of spermatozoa, the vocabulary will be a guide to learn about the main diseases related to the genitals, the correct use of condoms, intimate hygiene, nutrition, alcohol and the risks associated with drug use. The experts will deliver the Vocabulander to the children during the school meetings scheduled from September onwards.

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The effects of Long Covid

During the campaign, which also includes initiatives on social media and online, the problems associated with Long Covid in adolescents and young people will also be addressed: “In this case – he adds Marco Bitelli, macro-regional coordinator of the initiative and head of the Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery Service at the San Sebastiano Martire Hospital in Frascati – the numbers are not high, but in andrological clinics the cases are increasing. We know that long Covid affects 17% of adolescents and boys under 20 who have had the disease: among the persistent symptoms at 3 months in the twenties there is often general fatigue, which for many then has negative repercussions on sexual desire and on the mechanism of erection “.

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Overcoming obstacles like in an equestrian competition

Just to remember that love must not have obstacles throughout the campaign, until June 2023, an Amazon on a horse with the colors of Sia will compete in numerous equestrian competitions: starting from the Cascine di Firenze, the next June 19.

“Love without obstacles means jumping over difficulties, just like a horse does during a competition, overcoming obstacles that can threaten a man’s reproductive and sexual health,” says Palmieri. “The knowledge of the andrologist as a physician of reference for the sexual field is unfortunately still very low, especially among young people as well as information on sexual prevention. The specialist has the fundamental role of guaranteeing correct information, from a young age. , because knowledge means awareness and therefore the possibility of overcoming any obstacle. Preventing and tackling any problems with the andrologist can certainly improve the quality of life in the fertile age and the preventive visits to the andrologist should become what the gynecologist for girls “.

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