• May 28, 2023

Kim Kardashian damaged Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 dress – iO Donna

C.‘is who considers what happened as equal to the destruction of a work of art. As if instead of the dress of Marilyn Monroe a Leonardo had been ruined. Or, to stay on the pop theme, a Marilyn by Andy Warhol. However, in fact, the margins of indignation are all there.

Already the look of Kim al Met Gala no one liked him, wearing that 1962 dress famous for his birthday wishes to John Kennedy. Off topic and with the aggravating circumstance of a whim granted: wanting the impossible and in so doing desecrate a legendary and fragile leader. But now the damage bill has arrived. And they are pains.

Kim Kardashian as Marilyn Monroe: at the Met Gala with the dress that made history

Kim Kardashian as Marilyn Monroe: at the Met Gala with the dress that made history

Kim Kardashian: a strict diet (highly criticized) just to get into the dress

To have that beaded and very delicate dress Kim courted the keepers of the historic dress – stored at a constant temperature inside the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum – For me yes. Flying over how the top management of the museum finally gave in, once the authorization arrived Kardashian went on a strict diet. A diet from 7 kilos in 3 weeks (accompanied by a lot of physical training) which, told with extreme lightness by the social star, was immediately criticized by experts.

Kim Kardashian bito marilyn monroe ruined

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala 2022. Getty Images)

The condition of Marylin Monroe’s dress

Flying further on the figure agreed between Kardashian and Ripley (apparently later donated to two organizations remained anonymous), one month after the event images appeared yesterday that leave no room for interpretation: the dress has been ruined forever.

The complaint started on Instagram from Scott Fortner, collector of the actress’s memorabilia. And she was immediately picked up by the influential Instagram account Diet Prada. Who posted the close-up details of the damage on the fabric and the zipparticularly “tested” by the rear tension.

In addition, some crystals, sewn by hand, were also blown. some are missing.

The criticisms: “No one else should be seen in that dress”

At the time of the loan of the dress (which Kardashian wore for a few minutesand then replace it with a replica), Bob Mackiethe assistant of Jean Louis who designed the dress, had spoken of a “big mistake”.

It was designed for Marilyn Monroe. No one else should be seen in that dress», The statement and Entertainment Weekly.

Marilyn Monroe sings “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John Kennedy. (Handle)

Sarah Scaturroformerly responsible for the conservation of the assets of Met Costume Insitutehe instead commented to Diet Prada: «I’m frustrated because what happened pushes back the standards of professional treatment for historical costumes. In the 1980s a group of professional costume designers had signed a resolution calling for historical costumes they could not be re-worn“.

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And he concluded: «My concern is that colleagues from the historical costume collections will be placed under pressure by important personalities for wear those clothes“. How to blame her?


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