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Italy’s difficult relationship with abortion – iO Donna

THEL right to abortion it is far from acquired. And the warnings from all sides seem to be of no use. Including those of the European Parliament who, only a few days ago, condemned precisely “the deterioration of the rights and sexual and reproductive health of women in the world”.

But not only: he asked “safe access to abortion“And urged medical staff to”do not deny women abortion assistance for religious or conscientious reasons, as this endangers the patient’s life “.

If abortion is still an obstacle course

But despite this and despite there is a law, the 194, which governs the termination of pregnancy, the question is far from resolved. The last proves it once again report of the Ministry of Health just presented overwhelmed by criticism for those data, referring to 2020, which return the image of a country, where aborting remains an obstacle course.

abortion law law 194

Gloria Allred in 1989 at a rally in defense of California’s abortion law. (Getty Images)

Fewer interruptions of pregnancy

The numbers do not lie, after all: in total in 2020 66,413 IVG were notified, confirming the continuous decreasing trend of the phenomenon (-9.3% compared to 2019) starting from 1983.

The abortion rate (IVG number compared to 1,000 women aged 15-49 residing in Italy), which is the most accurate indicator for a correct evaluation of the use of IVG, confirms the decreasing trend of the phenomenon and the the Italian figure remains among the lowest internationally.

Less frequent abortion among very young girls

The use of the IVG in 2020 it decreased in all age groups compared to 2019, especially among the very young. The highest abortion rates remain in women between the ages of 25 and 34.

For the issue of the certification necessary for the IVG request, also in 2020, recourse to the family clinic is confirmed as the most popular option (43.1%), compared to other services (medical doctor, obstetric service, other structure).

When conscientious objection is a problem

As regards theconscientious objectionin 2020 the phenomenon concerned 64.6% of gynecologists, 44.6% of anesthesiologists and 36.2% of non-medical personnel. However, the regional variations for all three categories are very large.

As regards, however, the method of execution of the IvgAccording to the report, 35.1% of the interventions were carried out in 2020 with the pill (RU486) which was used in 31.9% of cases, compared to 24.9% in 2019 and 20.8% in 2018.

Hope: “The IVG must be guaranteed”

In Italy, the use of the IVG is continuously and progressively decreasing since 1983. Our country has one of the lowest abortion rates among those in Western countries », writes Roberto Speranza in the conclusions of the Report. Highlighting as “the number of conscientious objectors for all health care professional categories remains highin particular for gynecologists (64.6%) “.

And adding that «the organization of IVG services must be such that it exists a sufficient number of professional figures to guarantee women the possibility of accessing voluntary termination of pregnancy. As indicated in article 9 of law no. 194/78. This should be guaranteed by the Regions, to protect the free exercise of sexual and reproductive rights of women and access to IVG services and minimize the impact of conscientious objection in exercising this right “.

abortion law 194

Demonstration in favor of abortion. Rome, 2021. (Getty Images)

If the data on the objection do not match

Last month Chiara Lalliprofessor of History of Medicine e Sonia Montegiovecomputer science and journalist, had presented to the Chamber a research with still alarming data regarding conscientious objection.

From their map, “Objection 100”indeed, the hospitals in Italy that have between 80 and 100% of conscientious objectors are 72.

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And, even, with 100% among doctors gynecologists, anesthetists, nurses and Oss 22 hospitals and 4 clinics. Eighteen hospitals also have 100% target gynecologiststhe.


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