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How To Remove Harmful Toxins From The Body | Modern Woman

Land toxins are pollutants that should be eliminated from the body. Here’s how to do it

For help the body to stay as long as possible in shapeone of the most valuable actions is that of purify it from the various pollutants that affect it and that together form the so-called toxinswhich are divided into two types.

There are those endogenous, or the waste products of the body’s metabolic processes; and those exogenousslag that arrive from the outside, for example due to an unhealthy diet, environmental pollution or an incorrect lifestyle.

The human body naturally eliminates waste and toxins through feces, urine and sweat, thanks to the action of the organs responsible for doing so, that is liver, kidneys, intestines and skin.

To help him in this process, however, there are some actions that can be implemented.

How to notice that the body is full of toxins

Toxins accumulate in the body often silently, but they exist some signs which can act as spies and indicate that pollution has reached a high level.

The first and easiest to spot is unwarranted weight gain unrelated to eating more. Usually this event is also accompanied by a rise in cholesterol.

Also constipation, swelling And bad breath they are small clues that suggest that something is not going as it should because they often occur if the toxins are so numerous that they prevent the intestine from functioning properly.

Excessive and seemingly unnecessary sweating should not be underestimated either, as it could be the consequence of the liver trying too hard to expel toxins, either with difficulty or not at all.

Likewise too tiredness, fatigue and headache unmotivated can be caused by the presence of toxins, since their increase involves greater effort on the part of the body.

Last detail not to be overlooked, theappearance of the skin. The excessive accumulation of toxins makes it less bright and can trigger the onset of acne, skin rashes, psoriasis and dark circles.

How to eliminate toxins from the body with food

To remove toxins from the body and therefore purify it, it is necessary to stimulate the activity of the physiologically responsible organs for this function, namely the kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines.

The first step to do this is to take care of nutritionavoiding fasting even if you feel heavy due to binge eating, otherwise the risk is to slow down your metabolism and worsen the situation.

On the other hand, it is very important to ingest foods that have detoxifying properties. Among the best for removing toxins are artichokes, asparagus, broccoli and cabbagerich in detox substances that act mainly on the liver, but with them almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables are ok, with pineapple, cantaloupe, onion and celery on top. Me too’garlic it should be introduced in one’s diet because it purifies the intestine. Also very useful for this purpose yogurtpreferring the skinny one.

Vegetable, peanut, corn and sunflower seed oils should instead be banned from the table because they are possible sources of toxins.

In addition to a healthy diet, to speed up the detex process it is also important to do physical exercise because sweat allows the body to get rid of toxins.

How to eliminate toxins from the body by staying hydrated

Parallel to feeding, keep your own high hydration level represents a cornerstone of the detoxifying routine.

Although the variables depend on the lifestyle, seasonality and many other factors, they are indicatively two liters of water per day necessary to eliminate most of the toxins accumulated by the body and help the liver and kidneys to stay healthy.

In addition to water, you can help yourself by taking other drinks, but avoiding carbonated, additives or sugary ones, including fruit juices. And then there are the detox waters:

Excellent on the contrary i fruit smoothies or herbal teas. Among the best to eliminate toxins are those based on currantwhich stimulates diuresis and eliminates uric acids, Birch that deflates and eliminates excess fluids, nettlewhich stimulates skin regeneration e chicorywhose power is to stimulate the activity of the pancreas and liver.

Other useful actions to eliminate toxins

Eliminating toxins from the body is a process that requires synergistic actions and for this reason it is not enough to deal with them only internally. For this there are several collateral actions but equally important that should not be underestimated.

One of these is to take face and body skin carenot only by drinking herbal teas with specific ingredients but also by regularly performing exfoliation through the scrubto be scheduled at least once a week in order to eliminate dead cells, restore brightness to the skin and promote micro circulation.

Lifestyles also affect the production of toxins or their elimination.

The sleep, for example, it regenerates the body, carries out a purifying action, and contributes to the elimination of toxins, so sleeping sufficient hours every night and maintaining a high quality of rest is essential. Just as it is walk a little bit every day and have good breathing.

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