• June 8, 2023

From tax simplifications, on a single allowance 120 euros more per month for families with disabled children. Sogin towards the police station

MILAN – Green light of the council of ministers to the decree law on tax simplifications. In addition to the provision that lengthens the times for using the Ecobonus auto, there is an important correction in terms of single check. An increase is now foreseen for 2022 for households with disabled children. The intervention modifies the existing law, relating to children with disabilities and “limited to the year 2022”. In particular, the amounts of the increase on a monthly basis for households with at least one dependent child with a disability are “increased by 120 euros for the year 2022”. “With the simplification dl two measures necessary for families: the strengthening of the single and universal allowance for disabled children, with a rule that the government wanted and achieved thanks to the excellent collaboration with Minister Stefani, and the refinancing of the centers summer with 58 million, to give continuity to a measure that I wanted from 2020 “, commented the minister for the family and equal opportunities Elena Bonetti.

Sogin towards the police station

Among the rules present in the draft measure examined today by the government there is also the commissioning of Sogin, the public company responsible for the decommissioning of nuclear plants and the management of radioactive waste. The commissioner, it says, is disposed “in consideration of the need and urgency to accelerate the dismantling of Italian nuclear plants, the management of radioactive waste and the construction of the national repository”. The commissioner body will be appointed by decree of the Prime Minister, on the proposal of Mef and Mite, within 30 days from the entry into force of the tax decree.

Deadline for Imu declaration postponed

The deadline for sending the request for registration of state aid covid 19 in the National Aid Register (Rna) is then postponed to 31 December 2023. The postponement of six months, compared to the currently foreseen date of 30 June, is contained in the draft of the decree law being examined by the Council of Ministers. The rule concerns “aid not subordinated to the issuing of concession or authorization measures for use, however named, or subordinated to the issuance of concession or authorization measures for use, however denominated, the amount of which cannot be determined in the aforementioned provisions, but only following the presentation of the return for tax purposes “. The extension, reads the draft, “applies to registration in the National Register of State Aids, as well as in the Sian-National Agricultural Information System and Sipa-Italian System of Fisheries and Aquaculture State Aid registers”.

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