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Drusilla Foer challenges Paola Perissi, legendary host of the Almanac of yesteryear – iO Donna

“Che knows maybe I can do it », reflected Drusilla Foer at the beginning of the first episode of the Almanac of the day afterbroadcast on Rai 2 every day from Monday to Friday at 19.50. He was referring to his attempt (desired, dreamed, wanted with all his might) to resemble (even remotely) to Paola Perissihistorical presenter of the show that Drusilla brought back to life after more than thirty years.

I must remember the unforgettable style of Mrs. Perissi“, Reflected Drusilla,”gentle, polite, calm, clear in the exposition. She’s gorgeous. Who knows, maybe I can do it … No, I will never do it ». And away, the initials of theAlmanactoday the same as then. It’s been over a week since the debut. Time not enormous, but sufficient to make comparisons and draw up budgets (at least provisional).

Drusilla Foer: who is the character created by Gianluca Gori

Drusilla Foer: who is the character created by Gianluca Gori

Who is Paola Perissi?

If you are slalom in memory to try to assign a face to Paola Perissi, but you can’t, don’t worry. To most, the name says little (we are not talking about the Millennials, who probably consider everything that happened before twenty years ago as belonging to a sort of small ancient world). For those over thirty, however, a simple photo should be enough to understand who he is: extraordinary presenter who conducted theAlmanac of the day after historical for over fifteen years (about eighteen of broadcasting).

Refined and composed, lover of a sober elegancebeautiful, of a royal beauty to the point of being called the Grace Kelly of the small screen, Mrs. Perissi was one of the famous “Good evening ladies”, the half-lengths that characterized the TV of the last century. She joined Rai as an announcer in ’68, at the age of 24, she worked for public TV until 2000, when she retired. She is an icon of the polite TV of the past.

paola perissi rai announcer

Paola Perissi. (Ipa)

Was so famous that it was chosen by Gianni Agnelli to conduct a conference aboard a lawyer yacht. La Perissi, when she recalled this episode, a few weeks to Tv Blog, said he had a long chat with the then US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. “Really delightful man“, he said.

In short, he was something of a celebrity for the time. Of whose private, however, she has always known very little (only that she has three grandchildren who now absorb her), unthinkable for a famous person of today, who instead is often forced to “work” with the private individual. Perissi is 78 years old today. And everyone admires her natural kindness. Then and now.

Drusilla Foer: same grace but different role

So, can Drusilla do it or can’t he manage to recall the style of Mrs. Perissi? He can do it all right: elegant, refined, soberDrusilla, with its practical-chic style, e that vintage attitude typical of the women of the pastserious but not serious, feminine and all in one piece, has managed to bring politeness back to TV, the elegance and kindness of Mrs. Perissi. Caution: the politeness yes, the role no. Because the times and the social context of today and then are totally different.

Mrs. Perissi then remained well set in the role of presenterfamiliar but neutral, of a much loved transmission at the time, but “quick”, practical, no glitter and sequins, only about ten minutes of service information, before the news about the weather. Then the Rai 1 news at 8pm.

We are talking aboutAlmanac of the day after first aired in October 1976in an Italy where abortion was not yet legal (it became so in ’78) and where the honor killing was in force (it was repealed in 1981). A broadcast suspended for a few months in ’92, when Tangentopoli broke out, aired until February ’94. A month earlier, in January ’94, Silvio Berlusconi, then “only” successful entrepreneur, announced his descent into politics with a nine-minute message sent to all the news programs.

A very different program

L’Almanac of the day after today is a broadcast of about thirty minuteswhich has the task of driving the 8.30 pm Rai 2 news program. It speaks to an Italy where people of the same sex can marry in civil unions, assisted suicide is possible due to a 2019 Constitutional Court rulingreality shows are depopulated and the more TV is shouted, the more it shares.

The setup of the two transmissions is similar: they both say a that now the moon and the sun rise and set, they speak of the saint of the day after and his biography, they tell “tomorrow it happened” to remember the historical events that happened the day after. Various rubrics follow: of cuisine, flowers, science, Italian language. But the substance of the programs is quite different.

drusilla foer almanac of the day after rai 2

Drusilla at the launch of “The Day After Almanac” last May 24th. (Getty Images)

One woman show

The current Almanac of the day after is placed in the early evening range, but it would have all the dignity of a prime time show. Even Aldo Grasso, joking but not too much, proposed a change of time slot for Drusilla. Drusilla makes the difference: currently a magnet for the public, talented and eclectic, ironic and profound. You talk about serious things, but you do it with lightness and irony. Also like those Millenials who of theAlmanac and of Perissi they know nothing.

Sing and well, he presents but as soon as he can, he gets down on the personal (“Many think I had five husbands, false I only had two,” she said referring to one former Texan boxer from whom he divorcedto then marry in second marriage Hervé Foerwidowed, returned to Florence, where he lives with the housekeeper Ornella), sends messages of social commitment (from “take dogs from the kennel” to “no to discrimination”), strikes with his fulminating jokes (“a diamond is forever, a husband is not»,« She was well dressed, but not elegant, it’s different »,« the horns are like shoes, we’ve all had a pair »).

Officially she is a presenter. She is actually the star of a show. She and she is a very good performer, a kind of Fiorello, female.

Drusilla: one meter and 85 cm by Gianluca Gori

Yup, Drusilla Foer is a female character, but of fantasy (fantasy is also the life it tells, hence the two marriages). In reality it is the alter ego of Gianluca Gori, big man of 185 cm, niche actor (The show must go off conducted by Serena Dandini, CR4 – The Republic of Women) became hugely popular after participating in the last one Sanremo by Amadeus (who seems to want her back on stage with him in Sanremo 2023).

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The monologue he gave to the Ariston (“We need to talk about uniqueness, not diversity») Rebounded with force, hitting anyone in the heart. Simple, clear, real. Nothing respectability. The bon ton that characterizes the vintage Drusilla is just a habit that makes it polite and gentle. Like the respectable ladies of yore. Just like the Perissi.


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