• May 28, 2023

Covid Italy, the bulletin of June 15, 2022: 31,885 new cases and 48 deaths

There are 31,885 new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 39,474. The victims are 48, down from 73 yesterday. A total of 195,439 swabs were performed, including antigenic and molecular, with the positivity rate of 16.3%, down from 17.3% yesterday. 189 patients are hospitalized in intensive care, 6 more than yesterday. The daily admissions are 33. The hospitalized in the ordinary wards are 4,218, or 19 more than yesterday.

Covid has paralyzed hospitals: -20% hospitalization rate since 2020

The pandemic has paralyzed hospitals, imposing an abrupt halt to ordinary and day hospital admissions. In particular, in 2020 the overall hospitalization rate was 103.6 per 1,000 inhabitants, down by 20% compared to 129.8 per 1,000 in 2019 and significantly lower than the standard of 160 per 1,000 indicated by Ministerial Decree no. 70/2015. First specialist visits and follow-up visits also decreased by about a third. This is what emerges from the XIX Osservasalute 2021 Report, edited by the National Observatory on Health in the Italian Regions which operates within the framework of Vihtaly, a spin off of the Catholic University, at the Rome campus.

Fiaso, the decline in hospitalizations slows: -3.9% in 7 days

The reduction in Covid hospitalizations continues but slows down: the number of patients registered in sentinel hospitals belonging to the Fiaso network (Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals) decreases by 3.9%. This is what emerges from the weekly survey carried out on 14 June. The latest report shows a more limited decline compared to previous weeks which had recorded double-digit reductions: -16.3% on June 7, -13% on May 31, -16% on May 24, – 14.9% on May 17.

Anxiety and depression, the pandemic has hurt 1 in 4 Italians

WHO has repeatedly sounded the alarm about the long-term effects of the pandemic on mental health globally: for example in a WHO report based on the comprehensive review of data on the impact of Covid on mental health and mental health services it emerged that only in the first year of the pandemic i there was a massive increase globally in the prevalence of anxiety and depression, which marked a + 25%. Other studies speak of cases of depression tripled by the pandemic. Although definitive data are lacking for Italy, it is noted that in 2020 the consumption of antidepressants increased in all regions compared to 2019, with the highest increase in Umbria (+ 3.6%) and the lowest in the PA of Bolzano (+ 0.2%). It emerges from the Osservasalute 2021 Report.

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