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Chronodiet, how the food strategy based on metabolism and right times works – iO Donna

THEFood influences one’s mood and one’s days. This is the principle of the chronodieta formulated diet starting from the metabolism and the natural and daily hormonal fluctuations. At the base it is not giving up on certain foods, but rather knowing when to eat them. «The chronodiet it has no slimming function but it is a real lifestyle change respecting the different organs and to stay healthy. Of course, by reducing the volumetric regimen of food, the chronodiet can also be used to improve metabolic diseases and achieve weight loss “explains the Dr. Andrea Righetti, pharmacist, cosmetologist, naturopath, expert in chronic nutrition and chronocosmetics.

Chronodiet, nutrition based on an internal clock

Developed in 1986 by Alain Delabos, French geriatrician and nutritionist, the chronodiet is based on an internal “clock” that everyone has and on the regulation of metabolic processes of the organism: «This watch it synchronizes to the circadian rhythms of the twenty-four hours, controlled by the daytime chrono-rhythm, when it’s sunny, and by the night-time chrono-rhythm. During this time our body regulates the various biological and physiological processes, such as the production of hormones for the functions of thermoregulation, hunger and sleep »explains Dr. Righetti.


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Therefore, based on the internal rhythm, it is possible to establish a diet that gives the body the right nourishment it needs and above all when it is needed because it is distributed in the different phases of the day. “For example, cortisol is high in the morning because it predisposes us to exercise while GH, the growth hormone, is high at night because the body is employed in recovery. These swings are important for maintain the physiological balance of the organism and have a profound impact on our lifestyle»Explains the Dr. Marco Ciambotta, nutritionist.

His food at any time: how the chronodiet works

Therefore, starting from these aspects, the chronodiet does not impose food restrictions but recommends the right time to take food «In fact, if it is introduced at a certain time or phase of the day, it can be transformed into productive nourishment. Not surprisingly, even the healthier and more genuine foods if taken incorrectly can become “anti-nutritional”creating inflammation or damage to the system »explains Dr. Righetti.

In fact, by respecting the body in its different time slots, nourishment accelerates the secretion processes of melatonin and serotonin: «Dark chocolate and dried fruit are foods that contain a lot of tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, also called the hormone of serenity, which is why they should be consumed during the day. Conversely, legumes, proteins and dairy products support the production of GH, the growth hormone, which is why they should be taken in the evening together with all foods of vegetable origin that contain melatonin, which regulates rest ».

Mediterranean cuisine essential for the chronodiet

The chronodiet is based on all the typical foods of Mediterranean cuisine. All “colored” food, as Dr. Righetti explains, such as fruit and vegetables, and carbohydrates are ideal for the day because they provide antioxidant energy.

Instead, everything that is protein, such as white meats, blue fish, legumes and basifying agents, such as white and green vegetables, instead stimulate the GH hormone, therefore ideal in the evening.

Does the chronodiet work?

Although, as Dr. Righetti points out, there are no contraindications to this food structure, some experts have doubts about the chronodiet. «First of all we must in fact consider that the rhythms of our society have changed from the natural ones. Just think of the physical activity that until fifty years ago was carried out in the morning, mainly with manual work in the fields, and today it is practiced more in the evening after work. In this context, eliminating or reducing carbohydrates at dinner is one of the most common mistakes »explains Dr. Ciambotta.

Vegan and vegetarian diet without errors: the nutritionist's advice

Vegan and vegetarian diet without errors: the nutritionist's advice

«After training, in fact, the muscle is very receptive to glucose because it has to restore the glycogen stores. By eating carbohydrates in your post-workout meal, you can improve recovery, moving from the catabolic phase to the anabolic phase, restore hydration and also improve mood and satiety. In addition to improving the quality of sleep ».

Not only but “for some hormones, such as insulin and glucagon, the fluctuations are much more influenced by nutrition than by the circadian rhythm. Although cryobiology is very interesting and useful also in the future to have more and more information on hormonal fluctuations, However, it is misleading to associate the use of certain foods with daily hormonal fluctuations to lose weight»Specifies doctor Ciambotta.

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As Dr. Righetti points out “The chronodiet is not to be considered a calorie restriction plan as much as a healthy diet and nutrition plan”.


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