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C.he make us around Florence Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti? The two presenters, Rai the first, Mediaset the second, shared on Instagram a couple selfie that he immediately conquered. Smiling and happy, just like we are used to seeing them on TV, this is how the two faces of the small screen appear. Who, with a post, wanted to reaffirm their friendship.

Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti: selfie in Florence

Fratelli Sconti (or Cotti) around Florence !!! Thanks Gerry true and genuine friend !!»Wrote Carlo Conti accompanying the image that immediately went viral. Immediate reaction of Gerry Scotti who, sharing a similar image, wrote: “Discounts !!!!!… the alternative was Cotti. Thanks Carlo for giving me some time, you are a fantastic guide“. Images and words that say a lot about the bond between the two TV professionals. Although they work for different companies and often in the same time slot, there is great esteem and respect between Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti.

Follower comments

And their message reached the many followers of both. Who immediately commented on the shots of the two with words of affection. “Respect and education in one photo»Commented one user. “Two respectable presenters,” wrote another. It’s still, “All the beautiful television in one photo»,« What beautiful people as well as being professional degrees ». There is also no lack of those who ask a program together and who proposes the presence of Gerry Scotti in Sanremo.

Sanremo 2017, Carlo Conti presents Maria De Filippi to the press

Sanremo 2017, Carlo Conti presents Maria De Filippi to the press

The friendship between the two

Just recently, the two had talked about the bond that binds them. Fresh from Covid, Gerry Scotti, guest a very truereceived a video message from Carlo Conti, who was also infected, in which the Rai host explained how the battle against the coronavirus united them in a particular way.

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Carlo Conti Gerry Scotti Instagram

The selfie between the two TV faces. (@gerryscotti)

We have never been rivals, but always respectful of each other. When we were in the hospital we texted each other, we cheered each other up. We joined even more. We are two good people who love each other. There is great esteem, respect and friendshipConti said. Words confirmed by Gerry Scotti. Who finally hugged his friend-colleague in Florence with a lot of selfies.


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