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Bonus of 200 euros in July: this is who has to fill out the form – Donnamoderna

THEThe government is ready to issue the implementing decree for the € 200 bonus and the companies are preparing by having employees fill in a self-declaration. Here’s what it is

There are just a few hours left and by June 17 will arrive the decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance which will establish the requirements for obtaining the bonus of 200 euros which will arrive in July for workers with income within 35 thousand euros, in particular with the indications for the self-employed. Meanwhile, there are news for employees and retirees. Mauro Nicola, director of the National Accountants Foundation, explains to her.

The 200 euro bonus for employees

The 200 euro bonus is an economic support, lump sum, that is, disbursed only once with the aim of supporting especially the families of the weaker groups, in the face of inflation that is causing the prices of primary consumer goods to soar. Throughout the Government has allocated 14 billion for this bonus. «The one-off allowance is up to employees once, even if they have more than one employment relationship. For this reason, employers are taking precautions to avoid that the incentive is recognized several times: if this happens, in fact, it is necessary to proceed with a recovery of the sum during the inspection by INPS. Almost all employers therefore asked their employees to issue a self-certification in which it is declared that the requisites for receiving the indemnity exist »explains Nicola.

How the bonus will be paid: the income requirements

The recipients are all citizens with a income of less than 35 thousand euros. For all, as clarified by Draghi, the figure will be identical and will arrive in Julyso there are no differentiated bands according to economic availability. In short, employees will receive the amount in their paychecks, while retirees will see it loaded onto their monthly allowance. As for the employers who will have to pay the amount, Draghi reassured: “It is not that they anticipate and no longer see him or see him again after a year, but they are restored at the first useful payment”.

«The procedure foresees that the employer automatically proceeds to the recognition of the allowance. However, in reality this automatism is subordinated to the declaration by the worker that he is not the holder of other services. In other words, the worker must declare that he is not the holder of a pension or citizenship income which also give rise to the payment of the indemnity. The allowance of 200 euros is due to all workers who meet the requirements indicated above (such as the maximum income within 35 thousand euros, Ed.) regardless of the length of working hours. Therefore, even in the case of a worker with a part-time contract, the compensation will be due to the extent provided “ explains the accountant.

But how does it work for the self-employed?

How it works for the self-employed

“For this category, a dedicated Fund is provided, for an amount equal to 500 million euros, then leaving the identification of the requirements, the income limit, the amount, procedures for the request and the methods of disbursement to a subsequent decree of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance, to be adopted by 17 June 2022 Nicola explains. In fact, therefore, he is still waiting.

But who are the self-employed? «The stakeholders are the workers self-employed and professionals enrolled in Inps management, therefore direct farmers, sharecroppers and settlers; artisans and business operators; agricultural entrepreneurs in a main capacity; independent fishermen, small-scale sea fishing and inland waters; separate managementas well as those enrolled in Autonomous pension funds. To obtain the bonus they must not have already benefited from the allowance. The income requirement, on the other hand, is not fixed as it must be provided for by the implementing decreeexplains the expert.

How it works for retirees

As for pensioners, «the one-off payment of 200 euros is due if all these requirements are met: you must be resident in Italy; holders of at least one pension from any form of compulsory social security with effect from 30 June 2022; holders of personal income for IRPEF purposes for 2021 not exceeding € 35,000.00 – explains the expert – The following treatments are entitled to the bonus: pension or social allowance; pension or allowance for civil, blind and deaf-mute invalids; accompanying pension treatments. The indemnity will be automatically recognized by INPS or by the social security institution identified by INPS “.

How the maximum income is calculated

The maximum income limit, therefore, is equal to 35 thousand euros, but how is it calculated? «The law provides that severance indemnities, residential income and arrears subject to separate taxation are expressly excluded. The provider will check it, therefore the INPS, which will verify the existence of the legal requirements necessary for the use of the bonus. In the event that a bonus is paid without having any requisites or with an excess sum (for example, if requested at companies in which a subject is an employee, Ed.), INPS will always notify the undue payment within the ‘year following that of acquisition of income information «concludes Nicola Mauro, director of the National Accountants Foundation.

The bonus trains, buses and metro

Meanwhile, the bonus of 60 euros for 2022 for bus, train and metro passes for students and workers always proposed by Minister Orlando: the limit to obtain it remains a total income of less than 35 thousand euros.

The other measures: extension of the “fuel discount”

Another measure decided by the Council of Ministers concerns the extension of the current cut in excise duties on fuels. It means that, despite the fact that it was due to expire, the measure will be valid until 8 July. This is a reduction of 25 cents per liter of the production tax, which adding VAT translates into 30.5 cents on the final price.

Bonus bills (also retroactive): who is entitled to

With a second package of initiatives, with more than 50 articles, we intervene instead for lighten the burden of bills (especially electricity and gas) and the prices of raw materials, in particular to meet the difficulties of companies, struggling with the effects of the war in Ukraine. As for the bonus bills, it is renewed for the third quarter of this year, so until September. It also became retroactive: even if the ISEE is presented after the payment of the utilities, it will be possible to benefit from the discount on the first useful bill following the presentation of the certification. Alternatively, a refund can also be obtained upon request. Warning: as has happened so far, it concerns those who have an Isee up to 12,000 euros.

Bonus bills: how much it amounts

As for the amounts, we remind you that the ordinary bonus amounts to 128 euros for families made up of 1-2 members to which is added the “extraordinary” bonus for the 2nd quarter of 109.20 euros; for families with 3-4 members, there is a check for 151 euros in addition to compensation of 132.86 euros; finally, for families with more than 4 members, the ordinary allowance is 177 euros, while the additional contribution amounts to 155.61 euros.

For the less well-off families, the current aid for rents and public transport is also renewed, as well as the support for those who have family members with serious disabilities or illness.

The bonus for physical discomfort

The renewal of the bill bonus also affects those who are suffering from serious illness or domestic customers with electricity supply where a person with serious illness lives, forced to use electro-medical equipment necessary for maintaining life. In this case, the additional compensation provided for the bonus up to 3kW per resident is equal to 36.4 euros, if the extra consumption due to life-saving appliances is less than 600 kWh / year (compared to 2700 kilowatt hours per year for a typical customer); and of 62.79 euros between 600 and 1200 kWh per year and 90.09 euros if the extra consumption exceeds 1200 kWh / year.

Business support

Finally, part of the new package decided by the Government concerns companies in crisis: it includes the simplification of procedures for renewables, the extension of the tax credit for the more energy-intensive companies (with greater energy consumption) and the provision of aid for 200 million to the realities most heavily damaged by the war in Ukraine, such as companies that in the past had greater export or import exchanges with Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. In order not to stop the construction sites, they have been allocated 3 billion to tackle the rising prices of raw materials“to allow contracting stations to cope with cost increases, recognizing 2021 prices for companies with an increase of 20%”, as explained by the Minister of Transport, Enrico Giovannini.

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