• June 8, 2023

‘Bolle and Friends’, the return of dance. “In Italy we need to change radically”

It is a way “to celebrate the return, after a hard and painful period” the tour that Roberto Bolle is about to undertake in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy, from Ancient theater of Taormina at Caracalla’s thermal bathsatArena of Verona to piazza della Santissima Annunziata in Florence.

Come back Bolle and Friendswith a company that includes renowned artists from all over the world, from the first dancers of the Royal Ballet from London Vadim Muntagirov to You smoke Kaneko to the soloist Melissa Hamilton to the young man Toon Lobachto ukraine Anastasia Matvienk. And it comes back starting with the “challenge” of eight shows in a row at the Arcimboldi theater in Milan where this new edition of the show of which Bolle is the creator and soul will debut on June 18th.

The interview

Roberto Bolle: “My body is a gift that is a prisoner of perfection”

by Dario Cresto-Dina

“I wanted time to rediscover my audience and the artists I collaborate with, I wanted to film the scene, the sensation”, explains the étoile who last December raised his voice, denouncing the situation of the companies in a hearing to the Culture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. dance. The echo of those words “served to get to the establishment of a dance table – he claims – to be able to give indications on how to radically change dance in Italy, to reverse the cuts and continuous impoverishment of the last thirty years. It is a historical possibility “.

Roberto Bolle’s speech in defense of dance: “We have forgotten our glorious past”

Meanwhile, he continues in his main commitment: to make dance known. “Everything I do – he says – has the aim of broadening the audience, of bringing it to the theater. We need a new, young audience that doesn’t know dance. It’s not that they don’t appreciate it or understand it, it doesn’t he knows it “. For this he will return for a new edition from 2 to 5 September in Milan OnDance, the event that brings dance throughout the city. And for this he will also return his broadcast on Rai 1 Dance with Me.

Roberto Bolle: “Me and Lillo, two high-level dancers in comparison”

by Simona Spaventa

But his hope is above all that “the public will come because the dance must be seen live. I hope – he adds – that those who have seen the show on TV will want to come to the theater because the dance must be seen live, where the artists give the better than himself “. And finally they can perform with a full capacity theater and, from June 15, with the public without masks.

Republic Day. Bolle and Toppi, step two at the Quirinale

What the public will be able to see is a show “always with lots of novelties” promises the étoile della Scala with “some fixed points, such as the alternation of the classical and contemporary repertoire and the search for new pieces”. The corsair, Swan Lake, Don chisciotte are scheduled with choreographies such as OR And SENTieri from Philippe Kratz.

Roberto Bolle (Photo by Giovanni Gastel)

Roberto Bolle (Photo by Giovanni Gastel)

Roberto Bolle will dance in five pieces. Of these Duel is a first, made for him by Massimiliano Volpini with music for drums specially written by Giuseppe Cacciola. A duel between him and a drummer, which becomes “a challenge with oneself, represents the overcoming of one’s limits”. A piece “with a more rock imprint, never done by a classical dancer” that comes later In your black eyes a “very emotional solo on the music of Ezio Bosso. It will be – he promises – a moment of rebirth “.

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