Bleached brows, the “Bleached Brows” are the trend of summer 2022 – iO Woman

Bleached brows, the “Bleached Brows” are the trend of summer 2022 - iO Woman

TOdare to Kendall Jenner on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2022, le bleached eyebrows are among the most followed trends on social networks, so much so that they have generated 117.8 million views and endless tutorials on TikTok.

Captivating and with a slightly unusual appearance – especially if in contrast to an intense hair color – this beauty trend is enjoying great success after years of thick and intense eyebrows. Benefit Cosmetics expert Giulio Schettini reveals how to make them (even in a non-definitive way).

Bleached eyebrows, how to achieve the trend of summer 2022

“Among the latest and most particular beauty trends there are certainly the”Bleached Brows“Or bleached eyebrows”, confirms the brow artist. It is a technique that it bleaches the hairs creating a futuristic and almost “alien” effect which, in some cases, creates the illusion of the total lack of eyebrows.

bleached eyebrows

Kendall Jenner’s bleached eyebrows made for the Met Gala 2022 (Credits: Instagram @kendalljenner)

«The technique – similar to the one performed on the hair – is obtained using specific oxygen-based bleaching kits for eyebrows which lighten and then tone the brow hair », he continues Schettini.

How to lighten eyebrows without really bleaching?

«It is possible to try the trend even just for an evening or simply for a particular occasion using make up ».

It will be enough obtain «a concealer with high coverage with a not too full-bodied texture, of a clean fiber brush with which you will apply the product and a transparent gel with which to fix everything “.

Who are they good for and who should avoid them?

«In my opinion it is not a technique aimed at an aesthetic improvement but rather an eccentric and fun trend ” he replies Giulio Schettini of Benefit Cosmetics.

“The bleached eyebrows they give only to those who are naturally blond. However, it is certainly a captivating effect that attracts attention and is heavily used in the fashion world ».

The mistakes not to make do it yourself

«The main mistake to avoid is that of resort to non-specific bleaches for eyebrows which risk burning and ruining the hair, which is much more delicate than hair. It is also important, where you want to resort to “do it yourself”, carefully follow the timing of installation some bleach so as not to stress the hair too much ».

Furthermore, «we must evaluate the final result well on themselves: if you start from a very dark base it is certainly more complicated to obtain a light blond effect like the one seen on the catwalks or on the red carpets “, specifies the expert.

Care and make up: the products to use to define the Bleached Brows

“Once the hair is bleached, you will need to find a pencil or eyebrow marker from the new one shade obtained after bleaching. Also specific mascara help maintain the effect, as do the pomade and fixing agents transparentthe”.

The extra advice? «Never forget to moisturize the eyebrows daily with oils or serums based on keratin with restructuring virtues ».

How to return to the original color

“First of all it is possible return to their natural color by re-dyeing the eyebrows with ad hoc products ” concludes the expert.

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However, have patience: «lHowever, the texture of the bleached eyebrows will be a little different until the hair is renewed in about 6 weeks ».


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