Beauty: how to have perfect skin – PinkItalia

Beauty: how to have perfect skin - PinkItalia

5 steps for a correct beauty routine

There facial beauty routine consists of a series of simple precautions that must be followed every day to get the right results. A hydrated face and with the right skin care it will look more beautiful, soft, young, luminous and free from opacity and imperfections.

Following good practices for one proper skincare routine it is possible to trigger processes that allow the skin to gradually improve and which then allows it to be kept beautiful and nourished for a long time.

We must remember that for a good beauty routine it is necessary: ​​always remove make-up from the face, use high quality products such as those you can find on drmax.italways apply a suitable cream to your face.

First step: remove make-up from your face and use double cleansing

The first step is to always remove makeup. To be able to eliminate make-up in the best way, one of the recommended products is make-up remover butter. The makeup remover butter allows you to dissolve all your makeup. After you have completely dissolved the make-up, you need to wash your face with warm water.

The second part of cleansing requires the use of a facial cleanser that is suitable for the epidermis according to the type of skin you have. If you have oily, dry, normal skin you need to choose the correct cleanser that also nourishes the epidermis and helps eliminate skin imperfections.

Second step: use a toner

The second step for one good daily beauty routine requires the use of a tonic. While many don’t include toner in their beauty routine, this is actually very important.

Indeed, the tonic for the face helps to rebalance the PH of the skin after a cleansing process. Furthermore, by applying it by gently tapping it, avoiding rubbing, it is possible to nourish it deeply and obtain a soft and more toned skin.

For a young skin that tends to be acneic, it is necessary to use an astringent and balancing tonic state of the epidermis. For those with delicate and mature skin, it is necessary to use a rebalancing and antioxidant tonic, an alternative is also the use of products based on thermal water. For normal skin, a rebalancing tonic.

Third Step: a face serum

The third step is to apply a face serum. The face serum is a very important step appreciated by women. The serum has a very light consistency and penetrates deeply into the skin providing it with long-term benefits.

The serum must always be applied after the tonic but before applying the products provided for the last two steps. The face serum it is also well used before applying a face mask.

In any case, it is best to always choose a serum based on your skin type. Also, it is better to spread the serum on the face by doing a massage in this way absorption is favored active ingredients within the epidermis, giving brightness and vigor to the well-being of the skin.

We can help you to apply the serum in the best possible way with a jade roller or with your hands.

Fourth Step: Apply the eye contour

The fourth step is the application of the eye contour. The eye contour should be applied by tapping the product lightly with the fingertips without making movements that rub the eye area, but trying to tone it up with light tapping.

Fifth Step: day or night cream

Based on when you do your skincare you can finally choose to use a day cream or a night cream. The day cream is very moisturizing and must have one lighter texture and nutritious. A night cream can be used in the evening that it is more consistent and that over time releases all the components, nutrients, which can improve the well-being of the skin and cell turnover.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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