• June 5, 2023

Women at risk of mental distress twice as much as men – iO Woman

Land women are more stressed than men. But who is a woman this state of mind will not find an anomaly at allgiven the millions of things that, like it or not, she is forced to do during the day.

It is therefore not surprising the result of a new study from Binghamton University, which if anything is nothing more than a confirmation of what women complain about: doing too much.

Music as an anti-stress: this is how it affects the mind

Music as an anti-stress: this is how it affects the mind

Women at risk of mental distress more than men

The team of researchers took several aspects into consideration. He analyzed the role of diet quality, of physical fitness and the time of the week available on the stress hormone, cortisol and like all these factors affect mood and mental distress.

The participants, 48 ​​university students, recorded their nutrition for three days. So they completed two different mood questionnairesone on Wednesday, because it is the center of the week, and another on Saturday, a day instead of rest.

women at risk of mental distress

Fatigue can be felt during the week, but the weekend …

Obviously, the results revealed that people during the week they are more likely to experience mental distress and stress. But, observing men and women, it turned out that women also have many more of them than men. And that allow themselves to start relaxing only during the weekend.

Multitasking doesn’t help

Therefore, according to the researchers’women have double the risk of mental distresssuch as anxiety and depression, than men“. And this is because “they tend to juggle different responsibilities”.

But, of course, this way of facing the days, considerably increases the possibility of psychophysical discomfort.

Women at risk of mental distress: stop

Therefore, they say, know that taking frequent breaks can improve their mental well-being it can at least avoid the need for drugs.

The researchers’ advice is from try to find and plan for downtime. But also of delegate more and set priorities.

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The study also found that physically fit people are more likely to relax faster. And therefore include some physical activity in the routine daily, would certainly help to increase mental improvement.


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