Vouchers, tomorrow the strike of bars and supermarkets.  Consumers against: "We will desert the shopping"

MILAN – Merchants and restaurateurs on the one hand, consumers on the other: the battle of the meal voucher is announced for tomorrow, June 15th.

Bars, restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets belonging to the main trade associations – Ancd Conad, ANCC Coop, Federdistribuzione, FIEPeT-Confesercenti, Fida and Fipe-Confcommercio – have confirmed the stop to the collection of tickets tomorrow. As he remembers Federdistribuzione in a note, it is “a drastic action made necessary to urgently ask the Government for a radical reform of the system of meal vouchers with the aim of safeguarding an important service for millions of workers and making it economically sustainable”.

Planned billboards and advertisements to warn customers: “In Italy we have unfair commissions, the highest in Europe – the denunciation of Alberto Frausin, President of Federdistribuzione – We are talking about 20% of the face value of each voucher. It is a mechanism greatly influenced by the discounts obtained by the Consip in tenders called with the logic of the maximum discount. It is a pity that the savings that the public purchasing center manages to obtain in the assignment of the lots of meal vouchers are substantially canceled by the tax credit that the issuing companies obtain against the VAT difference between the rates applied for sale and collection. Our companies are paying the bill. “

He adds Aldo Mario Cursano of Fipe-Confcommercio that “adherence to the 24-hour strike called for tomorrow is growing by the hour and is only the beginning of a series of initiatives that will lead to no longer being able to spend food vouchers if there is no radical reversal starting from the next Consip tender worth 1.2 billion euros “.

If on the one hand Frausin says he wants “meal vouchers, a precious service for millions of workers and families, to continue to be used in the future”, consumer associations do not seem willing to share this battle. On the contrary, complaining about the disservice precisely for workers and families, they re-launch a counter-strike on purchases, to make their weight felt on distribution and catering. “Once again Italian consumers they are used as hostages by large-scale distribution organizations and restaurateurs for claims which, although correct in substance, end up damaging only and exclusively citizens “. Adoc, Adiconsum, Assoutenti and Federconsumatori say in a note.

“If the protest against the unfavorable conditions of meal vouchers is correct in its motivations, the person against whom the strike is carried out, that is the consumers, is completely wrong, because it will be only the users who will pay the price for this initiative. understands why the organizations of the large-scale distribution and of the merchants have not thought of protests against Consip and Mef, the only ones responsible for the conditions imposed on the shopping tickets “continue the four associations that indicate a” counter-strike of meal vouchers, inviting Italian consumers to desert supermarkets “and postpone shopping.

The National Consumers Union goes further: “We will ask for the revocation of the strike agreement for the serious breach of contractual obligations”, attacks the president Massimiliano Dona. And Other consumption – according to which today, in Italy, about 3 million workers receive meal vouchers for a value of about 3.2 billion, one third of which is absorbed by the Public Administration – asks for the modification of the rules “to allow Italian companies to pay the payment of meal vouchers directly on workers’ payslips, maintaining for both parties the tax concessions currently envisaged for meal vouchers “.

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