Tom Cruise is single again: it’s over with Hayley Atwell – iO Donna

Tom Cruise is single again: it's over with Hayley Atwell - iO Donna

TOmore at the terminus for Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell. The relationship between the two, who met on the set of Mission Impossible 7 in 2020, it’s over. For the second time: after a departure in 2021 they decided to try again. But the ending is the same: their love story is truly a mission impossible.

Tom Cruise, the friendly farewell to Hayley Atwell after a year of love

Tom Cruise, the friendly farewell to Hayley Atwell after a year of love

Tom Cruise, it’s over with Hayley Atwell

Let’s be clear: age has nothing to do with it. Anyone who thinks that it was the years of difference (60 springs in July for him, twenty less for her) that ended the love story between the two actors can change their mind. According to reports from the Sunwho first broke the news of their farewell, the actor and Hayley Atwell “they get along very well and have fantastic chemistry. Precisely for this reason they have decided to give their relationship another chanceA source told the newspaper. “But what worked behind closed doors didn’t work so well when it was made public“. Therefore, the couple would have exploded due to the excessive media presence in their history. But they decided to remain friends, just like they did when they first broke up.

Tom Cruise Hayley Atwell AP

The two ex-boyfriends on the set of Mission Impossible 7 (AP)

The first goodbye in 2021

The two met in 2020 on the film set of Mission Impossible 7 and there the spark immediately struck. They were immortalized hand in hand through the streets of Rome and theirs seemed to many a great love. At least until September 2021 when they have decided to separate. The reason? Frantic life, irreconcilable work commitments, distance. In short, once the work together on the set was finished, the two would have decided to move away. By choosing, however, to remain friends in the name of that alchemy that binds them and of the love that was. At the beginning of the year, then, the step backwards and the desire to try again. Without a happy ending.

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Unlucky in love

A love that ended badly, then. Yet another for Tom Cruise who, in the sentimental sphere, certainly cannot be said to be lucky. After the wedding with Mimi Rogers in 1987, from which he divorces three years later, he arrives in his life Nicole Kidman. The two married in 1990 and separated in 2001. In 2006 Tom Cruise married Katie Holmesbut even with her happiness is destined not to last: the two separate in 2012. Up to Hayley Atwell: with her the star of Top Gun he seemed to have found love again, the one destined to last forever. It is not so: at nearly 60, Tom Cruise is single again.


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