• June 8, 2023

The meeting of Meloni from the ultra-right of Vox, quarrel with the Pd. Quartapelle: “Fascist words for the Russian-funded right”

A rally “with fascist slogans” in support of a demonstration by Vox, the party of the Spanish right “financed by Russia”. Are the allegations that Lia QuartapelleForeign Responsible of the Democratic Party, moves a Giorgia Meloni. In recent days, the leader of the Brothers of Italy gave a speech in Marbella in support of the candidate for the presidency of Andalusia Macarena Olona. An intervention in which Meloni defended the “traditional family”, took sides against immigration, in favor of “life” (and, implicitly, against abortion “and against ideologies on the” end of life “(the euthanasia).

“In the desert that the right-wing is becoming, Meloni seems the one with clear ideas, the least worst of the others. But the reality is that, deep down, she is always the same thing: fascist slogans and a past that does not has never passed “, attacks Lia Quartapelle. And then he adds: “You can’t have two faces. In his speech for Vox’s candidate in Andalusia there were all the clichés of this right-wing international, financially supported by Russia, linked to the Trumpian right behind the assault. of the American Congress of January 6 “.

But Meloni replies: “Quartapelle he says in his delusional statements that we would be part of a right-wing international financially backed by Russia. I expect this very serious accusation to be substance, I expect it to say exactly what it refers to, or it will have to say it to the judges of Italian justice “.

Giorgia Meloni is the new mistress of the center-right: “We are ready to govern”

by Lorenzo De Cicco

But the dem also points the finger at the content of the FDI leader’s speech in Marbella: “When Meloni talks about the LGBTQ lobby, the plots of finance, the natural family as if there were unnatural families, when she defines the abyss of death the legitimate rights of women to abort, is using the slogans of the extreme right. Moreover – she adds – it refers to an identity politics as if there were an attack on tradition “.

The answer to Quartapelle is Isabella Rauti, deputy chief executive of Fdi in the Senate. “According to the deputy of the Democratic Party FdI he would have ‘taken money’ from Putin’s Russia. Accusation as serious as it is unfounded – she says – I wonder if the moderate secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta do not be embarrassed by these statements which are not only defamatory but also violent in content. The political confrontation can be bitter but it must never go beyond the limits of decency “. Quartapelle replies directly:” No one accuses FdI of taking funding from the Russians. Giorgia Meloni has been serious about the risk of foreign interference in our national debate. She is surprised, however, that she copies from Salvini the instinct to throw her into chaos on an issue that has to do with our sovereignty “.

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