• June 8, 2023

“The choice”, on Canale 5 a love story stronger than destiny – iO Donna

“TAll our life is made up of choices, apparently insignificant decisions, which leave room for those that change our life ». The incipit of The Choice – The Choice – airing tonight at 21.20 on Channel 5 – kicks off a romantic and poignant filmnot by chance taken fromnovel of the same name of the bestselling champion Nicholas Sparks.

The choiceplot and cast of the film

Set in Wilmington, a seaside town in North Carolina, the protagonist is Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker), a young vet who lost her mother years ago. He falls in love with his new neighbor, Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer), a medical student engaged to a colleague, Ryan McCarthy (Tom Welling).

After a first approach that is not entirely idyllic, Travis and Gabby begin to get to know each other better. When Ryan goes out of town for work, the two find themselves in love and it is the beginning of an overwhelming love story. To seal their union, one night Travis takes her to her island that his grandfather gave him. In front of the breathtaking view of the starry sky, they declare themselves eternal love.

Meanwhile, Ryan returns to Wilmington and Gabby is assailed by doubts: stay with her boyfriend, the trusty Ryan, or turn the page to dive into a new adventure with the unknown Travis? In the end, she decides to accept Ryan’s marriage proposal, convinced that the relationship with the neighbor could be part of the category of adventures.

The choice film Nicholas Sparks

Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker. (Ipa)

The story of a great love put to the test by life

Travis, too, is not free. Girlfriend Monica (Alexandra Daddario) finds out about Gabby and leaves him as soon as he realizes that he is in love with her. However, she prefers his advice to scenes, and recommends the boy to fight for his feelings about him. The vet then goes to Gabby’s hospitalbut the future doctor left after breaking up with Ryan.

Without giving up reaches the girl at her parents’ house, where he asks her to marry him. Thus comes the happy ending for the young couple, created by the prolific mind of Nicholas Sparks.

But the writer known for his poignant stories is also confirmed in The choice. After the wedding and the birth of the children, one evening Gabby and Travis meet up for a romantic eveningbut life changes the cards just before they meet. Gabby is the victim of a car accident and goes into a coma.

The choice film Nicholas Sparks

Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker. (Ipa)

The magical ending of the film

Travisdevastated by his wife’s health conditions and willing to do anything to put an end to that nightmare, he doesn’t stop talking to her. During his visits to the hospital, he tells her everything about her, in particular he talks to her about the enormous suffering she feels about her, in the hope that she will wake up. Until he’s forced to one choice that will change the course of his lifeas well as that of his children and, above all, of Gabby.

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The hopes that the wife will wake up are in fact nil, must decide if unplug the machines. Meanwhile, he comes to terms with the signals that life sends him and, after the passage of a hurricane that threatened to destroy their home, back to the island on which years before they promised each other eternal love. Here he builds a gazebo from which he hangs Gabby’s harp and in the meantime reflects on the difficult decision to make.


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