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Steve Harringotn is the real star of “Stranger Things 4” – iO Donna

TOother than Eleven, or Dustin or poor Max: the idol of the masses of Stranger Things is Steve HarringtonHawkins’ ex bully, Nancy’s ex and endowed with hair that is worth more of each special effect of the Netflix series. So much loved that, after seeing him almost devoured by mutant bats at the end of the so-called First Volume, Twitter is full of threatening comments: Steve must survive at all costs.

But let’s take a step back: why a character born as the usual bully of American teen dramasended up being a salesman in a rental of Vhs, is it so popular? Impersonated by Joe Keery (30 years, actor, musician, and the only male among four sisters), Steve is the redeemed one he likes, with an evolution from “indifferent” to heroic protector of the little ones. Especially of Dustin, with whom he has a special relationship and with whom he has collected a series of moments quite memorable.

Steve’s Evolution

The authors of Stranger Thingsthe Duffer brothers, had conceived it as it stereotype of the school bully, of the handsome high school student and prevaricator. A classic jock, that is an athletic teenager, wasp and moderately popular, of those who grow up to be a car salesman in the rom-com. Not particularly awake, superficial and secretly insecure, the only quality he can always count on is his hair: glorious, voluminous, leonine.

The debut is therefore as a lackluster boyfriend of Nancy. Intended to end up killed at the end of the first seasonhowever, was saved byexorbitant approval rating at the netizens. This persuaded the producers to get back to the scripts right away.

stranger things 4 steve nancy love

Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) and Joe Keery (Steve). (Netflix)

The turning point comes following the clash with Jonathan – Will’s brother – and poor Barb’s departure. Realizing that he is an underprivileged boy, he dumps his rich and stupid friends and decides to apologize. When after some reluctance he rescues Nancy from being attacked by the demorgorgonefor him it is the beginning of a rebirth that over the years has brought him to the status of television icon.

In the second season, the friendship with Dustin distressed by the disappearance of his cute (albeit a little scary) puppy demo, triggers a series of situations that facilitate the transition to “Steve babysitter“. That is the protector of Dustin and his friends, the guy who wields a spiked club to defend them, whatever it takes. And indeed for them challenge a pack of fanged monsters, not a little. Not to mention the secrets to success at the prom always bestowed on Dustin. However, it is in the third season that Steve is at his best.

First of all the look from marinaretto, uniform of the place where he sells ice creamone of more epic visions of the vintage. Followed closely by Steve confessing to Robin (Maya Hawke) the reasons for his inadequacy as Nancy’s boyfriend.

Steve in Stranger Things 4

In the current season and divided into two volumes, the listless boy is even more mature. Drawn into Hawkins’ inexplicable events, following on Eddie Munson unjustly accused of murder, he reaches mythological status when he takes off his jacket and t-shirt, he who is a certified lifeguard, indomitable dives into the lake that hides the passage to the Upside down. Leaving everyone stunned, especially Nancy, who is clearly attracted. First on a strictly medical level: heal the wounds made by bats; then dangerously close to a sentimental relapse. So much so that she doesn’t hesitate to dive in when Steve doesn’t go back up.

Munson will then reveal to him the girl’s quick reflexes, and give it a thought. The same then confides to him that: «Henderson told me that you are a tough guy, He wanted to underline it, in fact I’ll tell you, that kid loves you». Eddie talks about Dustin, but he’s actually talking about the audience.

stranger things

Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Joe Keery (Steve) at the launch of “Stranger Things 3”. (Getty Images)

The bromance between Dustin and Steve

Back to Steve and Dustin, net of Steve’s epic arc since he dives a when he slaughters poor batsit is these two together that ignite the network with the most enthusiastic comments. Theirs is unequivocally a bromance, that is to say an affectionate male friendship, usually established between two opposite personalities. And in fact Dustin – cultured, ironic and brilliant – it’s just the opposite of Steve.

Yet the imbalance always generates something interesting. When the kid visits Steve at the ice cream shop Scoops Ahoy! Robin comments: «But how many children do you know? “; children to be reproached for if they do not clean their shoes before entering the car of the second, and to whom to reveal the secret of the perfect hair: Farrah Fawcett’s lacquer.

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Stranger Things 4: Do you recognize all the horror movies mentioned in the series?

Stranger Things 4: Do you recognize all the horror movies mentioned in the series?

As the Second Volume of the fourth season, arriving on July 1stmany fear Steve’s farewell, corroborated by some statements by the Duffer brothers such as: “Don’t expect all survivors to come alive at the end“. There are also some fairly well-founded theories, including Robin’s insinuation that Harrington gives bats, and now he has anger. Or else, since they are not normal bats. But nobody touches Steve.


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