• May 29, 2023

Sleep and heat: what to do or not to do to sleep well – iO Woman

S.Onno and warm, an often incompatible combination. When the thermometer goes up, in fact, fall into the arms of Morpheus and being lulled by him until dawn can become a truly arduous undertaking. However, there are some strategies to be implemented to improve the quality of rest even in the height of summer. A precious help comes from the Scientific Committee of Dorelan Research who has developed thematic pills to improve sleep quality. A team of experts who studies the mechanisms of sleep and the relationship with well-being and answers the most frequent doubts and helps people to “Train” to sleep better.

Sleep and heat: what to do, what to avoid

«Thermoregulation and sleep are closely related. That is why with the heat insomnia can arise or worsen, to the point that it is spoken of summer insomnia. There are two sleep cycles: rem and not rem. During the latter, vital functions are maintained. The body therefore tries to maintain and tends to reduce tempera through sweating, the reduction of metabolic processes and with a posture that facilitates the dispersion of heat. This means, for example, that in the summer we tend not to sleep curled up, but in some cases even with our arms outstretched. In the REM phase, on the other hand, the hypothalamus stops regulating the temperature and the body goes a little haywire. To sleep well the room should be between 16 and 19 degrees. In the hot season, not only the temperature rises, but also a increased sunlight affects sleep. This, in fact, alters production melatonin and serotonintwo hormones that regulate the sleep-wake rhythm ”, explains Doctor Francesca Vitalipsychologist and researcher at the University of Verona.

Good habits even on vacation

“We go on vacation tired, but we tend to sleep less. For a quality rest, the main advice is: maintain regular hoursthat is to search for a new routine e go to bed and get up at the same time. This does not mean imposing the early rising of the working period, but looking for a new regularity on vacation. Yes to nap, as long as it is short, of 30- 40 minutes. Furthermore, never fail regular physical activity in the fresh airpreferably in the morning, and instead avoid the hottest hours or the evening ones. Have dinner at least three hours before bedtime and, even in this case, watch out for alcohol and too much food ”, continues Dr. Vitali.


“It is important to take care of the place of sleep. The bedroom just shouldn’t be cool, but also protected from lights and noise. Yes to very soft lighting. Avoid working in the bedroom. Tablets and computers are banned and the ideal would be not to let your cellphone in. The blue light of electronic devices, in fact, reduces serotonin and melatonin and on a hormonal level it keeps us awake. Last but not least, the bed system must also be suitable for good sleep quality. So watch out for the mattress, pillows and blankets. Many elements that together contribute to good sleep hygiene », explains the expert.

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The sleep of women

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“When it comes to sleep, consider the gender differences is very important. There is great evidence stating how women and men sleep qualitatively and quantitatively in an objectively different way, and also have a different perception. Especially women, when they mature with the menarchefrom the hormonal point of view they develop a setting whereby the quality and quantity of sleep comes potentially more disturbed. Therefore, creating gender-sensitive research, and even gender counseling in sleep, appears to be a priority. For the young and fertile women it is important to focus on different phases of the menstrual cycleof these the premenstrual phase it is the most delicate », emphasizes Dr. Vitali.


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