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Sandal etiquette: when to wear it and when not – Donnamoderna

Land shoes most loved by women and men change with fashion, but there are bon ton rules that never change: here is a mini-guide to the use of sandals

The “Shoe etiquette“recognizes only three models: the décolleté, to be worn both during the day and in the evening (the difference is only in the centimeters of heel that go up the darker it gets); the open toe, that is shoes open only at the height of the big toe and sandal. And it is precisely this latter, seductive model that today we discover all the secrets. Because, as much as we like to wear them and they make us feel sexy and admired, there are rules to follow, such as, for example, situations in which it is absolutely forbidden to show them off. An example? During the day, in the office, never stiletto heels or jeweled sandals. Discounted, you say. Not much if you look at fashions and trends (and extravagances).

The right “height” of the sandals

Beyond the fact that, for the day, the most correct height (and comfortable for any type of situation or movement) to show off is between 5 and 8 centimeters, each of us, based on height and build, must take into consideration some parameters before choosing a heel: it is a matter of proportions as well as style. Heels are used to look taller, but above all to make us feel more feminine. And if you make a mistake “height” in a moment you risk big missteps.

An example? Small women, under sixty meters, should never go beyond 10 centimeters in heels, because it would seem disproportionate. “But it is precisely the small ones that need so many centimeters to look taller”, you say. Of course, technically it is, but in reality very high heels on a small stature make the legs feel even shorter. And the use of the plateau is capable of doing worse: better not to go beyond the centimeter. If you need to lengthen the figure, also use the strategy of not creating color gaps on the leg, for example using sock and shoe of the same color in winter, and bare shoes in summer.

From meter sixty-five and up you can go up to 12, but never beyond unless you are a pole dancer!

Sandals: always focus on simplicity

Let’s face it, jeweled sandals often give us more satisfaction than any other style choice. But showing off models embellished with crystals, silver and gold sequins or any other precious decoration during the day will have the opposite effect to the desired one: you will simply look out of place.
In practice, the same shoe that in the evening will transform you into a pretty Cindirella, in the hours of sunshine is capable of transforming you into a “befana”. Better to bet on simplicity and essentialityin the colors as well as in the materials: it is the best thing.

Sandals by night

Have you ever seen Queen Elizabeth, Lady Diana or Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge with a pair of sandals during the day? No. And do you know why? Because for the etiquette, it is unseemly, and downright inelegant, to show your toes. Even if you have beautiful feet! In fact, according to the shoe etiquette, sandals they can only be worn for events after dark. The only concession is made for daytime ceremonies as long as you show off a perfect pedicure and never colorful and whimsical nail polishes.

The popular and comfortable wedge

It accompanies long dresses and palazzo pants, it was the setting for the Swinging London of the Beatles and girls in miniskirts and then, following the courses and appeals of history, it is back again, after a very short pause, declined in the most diverse and imaginative. Until the passion for vintage consecrates it definitively as almost a must in a women’s shoe cabinet. Wedge sandals make a plethora of women go crazy, also for their great virtue of combining comfort with the vertigo of the high heel, and in an era of explosive love for retro and the Seventies they are back in vogue consecrated by a bevy of stars who show them off every day. With a recommendation: never in the evening or in elegant settings.

Sandals from summer to winter



Who said that sandals can only be worn in summer? When worn in velvet or suede version, in shades of black, forest green, in all shades of brown, from dark to caramel, or in the elegant burgundy shade, it is perfect for an elegant occasion such as an exclusive party or a gala dinner. In short, the “forbidden” rules from the end of October to the beginning of March are no longer valid. And if the etiquette says, who are we to say the opposite?

Chunky heeled platform sandals?



During the day, when (in theory) you could not wear stiletto heels, fashion has taken steps to find shoes that are not excessively elegant – therefore banned from ceremonies – which, however, go perfectly with sheath dresses and suits (Lady Gaga teaches) and with all the business situations you may encounter during the day: sandals with a wide heel and platform.

Elegant sandals with pantyhose

Also in this case we would like to suggest taking a cue from the crowned heads who, in all (absolutely all) more or less formal occasions, wear tights. Yes, even with sandals. And even in summer, just like for the décolleté. Maybe this rule is falling into disuse but if you really want to be critic (and label) proof then do not forget to veil the leg and the foot with a very thin pantyhose.

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