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C.on retinol we mean a derivative of “vitamin A”, widely used in creams and serums for its well-known anti-aging properties. This molecule is already present naturally in the epidermis but over time its production decreases, for this reason it can be integrated with a specific beauty routine.

Retinol, what is the vitamin A derivative

“This ingredient is part of the group of fat-soluble vitamins that can accumulate in the liver: the body stores them and releases them in small doses when necessary” explains the expert Daniela Orlando, aesthetic doctor and consultant of Giuliani’s HMAP laboratory.

Vitamin A, present in foods of animal origin and to a lesser extent in vegetables, is not only essential for sight and bones but also for the skin.

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Acne in summer: what it is, why it happens and the rules to follow

Acne in summer: what it is, why it happens and the rules to follow

What is retinol used for in cosmetics

«Vitamin A is particularly indicated in the treatment of some epidermal problems such as acne and psoriasis: preserves the function of the skin barrier and stimulates both cell renewal both the production of collagen and elastin»Explains the expert.

Retinol smoothes and evens out the complexion, ahelps to counteract the appearance of spots and discolorations but also the dull complexion.

How retinol works

Lefficacy of retinol it does not depend exclusively on its concentration within the product. «The latest generation formulas they release gradually and slowly over time so as to see the long-term benefits“.

In the summer, yes or no?

The use of retinol is not always recommended in the summer: “LVitamin A acts by intensifying the effects of UV rays and greatly sensitizing the skinfor this reason it is better to suspend it when you are exposed to the sun or sunlamps ».

Generally, it is recommended to start the treatment during the winter, preferably in the evening, first a couple of times a week, then every other day and finally every day.

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However, if you do not want to give up retinol even during the summer, it is better to do it carefully: “It would be best to always apply it before going to sleep and, during the day, followed by a very high sun protection»Concludes Dr. Orlando.


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