Republic of Ideas, a marathon of shows and super-guests in Bologna

Republic of Ideas, a marathon of shows and super-guests in Bologna

There is really something to be ubiquitous for the next edition of the Republic of Ideas which will invade the historic center of Bologna from Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 June. Politics, culture, music, scenic readings, debates and interactive workshops with the public. At the center of the three days full of events and ideas, the great issues of today, from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to environmental emergencies, from rights to social inequalities to the challenges that new technologies pose us. With one goal: to go beyond the weight of the present, in an attempt to look up, to build the world of tomorrow.

Not surprisingly, the title of this edition already indicates the course: “Let’s challenge together a future in the balance”. Edited by Silvia Barbagallothe program opens with the interview “Italy, the challenges in a changing Europe” that the director Maurizio Molinari will do to the leader of the Democratic Party Enrico LettaThursday 16 at 19 in Piazza Maggiore.

Transversal and intergenerational, the schedule ranges from Angelo Branduardi who, on the opening night of the event, will sing his old workhorse in Ukrainian At the fair of the east – prelude to the meeting with Lucia Annunziata, Lucio Caracciolo, Ezio Mauroto Max Gazzè who will be the host of the interview with Ernesto Assante And Gino Castaldo (17 in piazza Maggiore). More music, this time for very young people, on the cobblestones of the scenic Piazza Santo Stefano: among others, Willie Peyote, Fast Animals & Slow Kids, Vals wire, Gabriella Martinell, Nhuda, Yuman, Folcast And Anastasius.

But RepIdee 2022 has always been an opportunity to meet the great protagonists of the international literary scene. Daniel Pennac will dialogue with Raffaella De Santis on the evening of June 16 in Piazza Maggiore: dreams, reflections, words and free-wheeling theater for Benjamin Malaussène’s beloved father. On the 17th the German political scientist Yascha Mounkinterviewed by Molinari, will talk about “Peace and war in the West”, while the next day, it is the turn of David Grossman. The Israeli writer will present the docufilm Grossman directed by Adi Arbel: an intimate journey into the complex relationship between his biographical story and his writing.

Republic of Ideas 2022: let’s challenge the future in the balance together

by Sara Scarafia

The public will also be able to meet the authors of our house. From Michele Serra to Francesco Piccolo who, in the Space of Dilemmas to which the public is also called to take sides, will discuss war and peace and truth and fiction. From Gianrico Carofiglio in the meeting “Manual of fallacies. How to defend oneself from cheating in political discourse” with Carlo Bonini to Bad comics And Djarah Kan who, with the strength of their irreverent youth, overturn patterns in the meeting “Veneri difformi”. Then there will be too Jonathan Bazzione of the most interesting Italian writers of the last generation.

Not strictly theater, but scenic readings at Palazzo Re Enzo are those that have as protagonists Ezio Mauro on the story of the Russian author Julij Daniel ‘sentenced to the gulag on charges of anti-Soviet propaganda, Concita De Gregorio with his “Letter to a girl of the future” together with the singer-songwriter Erica Mou And Corrado Augias who dedicates his latest work to the moon, accompanied by the musical interpretations of Aurelio Canonici.

Looking to the future, the Free Style space is designed for the youngest public: Ale Lippiradio host, expert in electronic dance and very popular on the Net, will meet the Bolognese writer Enrico Brizzi in the meeting “Talking about music in the age of social networks” (on the morning of the 18th at Palazzo d’Accursio).

Final sprint on Saturday evening in Piazza Maggiore, after 10.30 pm, when Repubblica delle Idee will greet the public of Bologna with Molinari’s interview with Mahmood, engaged this summer on a tour throughout Italy. Words and music, from Money to Chills. RepIdee 2022 is part of Bologna Summer 2022, the program of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna – Bologna-Modena Tourist Territory, the main sponsor is Eni, while the official sponsors are Ferrovie dello Stato Italiani and Philip Morris .

Not just squares, here are the events to book

But Repubblica delle Idee will not be only in Piazza Maggiore, with the main stage, and Piazza Santo Stefano, where the younger musical groups will pass the baton. The other two locations of RepIdee 2022 are the very close Palazzo Re Enzo and Palazzo d’Accursio: all the other events of the “Let’s challenge a future in balance together” program, title of this year’s edition, will take place here. Not only that, even the workshops of the four new formats that will involve the people of Repubblica readers in first person – Lo Spazio dei Dilemmmi, Il FutureLab, Le Town Hall del Domani, Il Club degli Writers – will have a home in the halls of these two buildings.

Debates and interviews with journalists, writers and international guests can only be followed after registering and booking. The same goes for interactive workshops which, as they are conceived, are necessarily limited in order to work better in groups. The site to book is

The RepIdee workshops will have you as guests: an opportunity to design the advancing future together

by Sabrina Camonchia

RepIdee in Bologna: discover and participate in the FutureLab and Town Hall workshops

by Sabrina Camonchia

Repidee: innovation designed for man

RepIdee: choose the Planet of the future now

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