• June 5, 2023

Parma, double war the opponent. Outstretched hand of Calenda

It is a ballot that already resembles a victory that of the center-left candidate Michele Guerra in Parma. The city where the M5S began its rise in 2012 and where it no longer exists today, rewards the alliance between Pd and Federico Pizzarotti. It is not enough that Guerra is already at 44%, with 25 points ahead of the challenger Pietro Vignali, supported by Lega and Fi. To arrive is also the outstretched hand of Carlo Calenda, sponsor of the third classified Dario Costi, with 13.3%, who assures: “I would not vote Vignali”. And Guerra thanks: “It is an important declaration because we recognize in which direction we must not go”.

Exchange of compliments from a distance. Guerra in Parma, in front of his electoral seat. And Calenda in Bologna, at the presentation of his latest book. It is not an alliance in view of the ballot, but perhaps a pact of non-belligerence, yes. After all, the candidate of the center-left and Federico Pizzarotti would not even need, numbers in hand, to make alliances for June 26th. According to the latest figures it is 44%. His opponent Vignali, a former mayor forced to resign in 2011 for a maxi investigation from which he came out with a plea bargain, is 21.2%. An abyss in which the League sinks, around 4% and also Fi at 2.5%. FdI is not very good either, which collects 7.7% with its candidate Priamo Bocchi, former provincial coordinator of the party who resigned two years ago after exhibiting a photo of a backside instead of his image during a meeting. gender discrimination.

Delfino di Pizzarotti and wanted by the governor Stefano Bonaccini, Guerra collects less than his coalition, which reaches 46.5%. Perhaps the fault of the internal controversy in the Democratic Party, with a piece of the party that asked in vain for the primaries and the former mayor of Colorno Michela Canova who had tried to run against Guerra, excluded due to some irregularities in the presentation of the lists. Poisons in the center left that have not disturbed the electoral cavalcade. Yesterday, Guerra saw his percentages increase: “The higher we go, the happier we are”. All while Pizzarotti collects what is also his victory, and which opens his run to Parliament, dismissing Vignali with a joke: “He is like Schettino. He left a town full of debts. Nobody would get back on a ship driven by him”.

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