“No to the kiosk-eventificio in the Egaddi park”. Almost 300 signatures already collected by the new committee

"No to the kiosk-eventificio in the Egaddi park".  Almost 300 signatures already collected by the new committee

The Egaddi Park Committee was formed in the Ljubljana San Lazzaro district.

The group of citizens has started a collection of signatures with the aim of protecting the green area located between via XXIV Maggio and via Budellungo.

As part of a project for the redevelopment of city parks, the municipal council, with a specific resolution of 11 August 2021, approved a tender for the installation of a kiosk in ten parks.

“The only approved project – writes the committee – is that for the installation of a kiosk (of 100 square meters) in the Egaddi park. The project, which includes training courses for DJs and vinyl festivals, will characterize the kiosk as a real ‘eventificio’ with the clear purpose, moreover made explicit in the text of the project proposal, to become a reference point for the city and province. In fact, a new ‘movida’ in a residential area that is now absolutely quiet.

A somewhat questionable project because, although declared ‘green’, it has very little green starting from the noise pollution that will affect the area that delimits the area between via Vivaldi, via XXIV Maggio, via Bach, a densely populated area, not to mention the new residential settlements in via Budellungo.

Furthermore, since at least eight hours of opening are expected, it can be deduced that based on the type of initiatives the time slot will be between 7 pm and 2 am, causing inconvenience to the inhabitants of the area during the hours of night rest.

And in this regard, it is emphasized that, adjacent to the Casa della Salute, a local hospital with twenty beds will be built to be used as a convalescent home. As well as the absence of a special parking area, with the exception of the MD parking area, however private.

Finally, it is also worth underlining that the municipal administration has never wanted to involve potentially interested citizens.

In this regard, the Committee has promoted the collection of signatures among citizens who do not share the choices and methods of operation of the Administration. A first collection was sent today to the Municipality. In a few days, 277 signatures have already been collected, and more will be collected in the next few days.

With this action – concludes the committee – we intend to reiterate that on the part of the inhabitants there is no prevention against a kiosk of adequate size, aimed at offering refreshment to park visitors, but in a context of daytime activity that is independent of the administration of alcoholic beverages. In the next few days we will submit the question to the two candidates for mayor of our city “.

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