• May 28, 2023

Next hydrogen, in Mestre the first refueling station open to the public

ROME – Not just electrification for sustainable mobility. Toyota is among the most ardent supporters of hydrogen fuel systems and is proving how this technology can be concretely applied in the field of everyday mobility. The latest example comes with the inauguration of the new Enistation in Mestre (Venice), in the locality of San Giuliano, the first in Italy, in an urban setting and open to the public, where it is possible to “fill up” with hydrogen for mobility on Street. The new plant was inaugurated in the presence of the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, the general manager of Energy Evolution of Eni, Giuseppe Ricci and the CEO of Toyota Motor Italia, Luigi Ksawery Luca ‘.

The refueling station is equipped with two refueling points, with a potential of over 100 kg / day, intended for refueling cars and buses. The plant is also equipped with innovative and specific safety and fire-fighting equipment specifically dedicated to the total safety of hydrogen refueling operations. The structure has been completely rebuilt in recent months and has been reopened to the public since last February for the refueling of traditional fuels and for electric recharging, with a column equipped with two charging stations in fast and ultrafast mode.

The initiative is part of the agreement signed in 2019 between the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Venice, Eni and Toyota which will put on the road at least ten Mirai, the elegant hydrogen-powered sedan. Three were delivered to the mayor today and will be used by the Municipality of Venice. Three other cars will become part of the car park dedicated to the Kinto Share car sharing service in the city of Venice, while the others will be introduced later.

“Today marks a fundamental step for the development of hydrogen mobility also in Italy and we are enthusiastic and proud to be able to be alongside Eni and Venice for the success of this project by making our Mirai available – said Luigi Ksawery Luca ‘- The path towards zero-emission mobility can only leverage the widespread use of both hydrogen-powered vehicles and battery-powered electric vehicles, which in our vision are fully complementary to each other. The hope is that this is only the first of many hydrogen refueling stations with which our country will soon be able to align itself with other European countries ”. In short, sooner than one might think, the presence of the “third way” in the hydrogen refueling station could become much more widespread to keep company with classic fossil fuels and electric columns. (Maurilio Rigo)

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