Melissa McCarthy, from chef Sookie to the Netflix series ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’. And soon it will be the octopus Ursula

Melissa McCarthy, from chef Sookie to the Netflix series 'God's Favorite Idiot'.  And soon it will be the octopus Ursula

The first success came with the series A mother as a friend (Gilmore Girls in the original, all seven seasons on Netflix) where she was chef Sookie, Lorelei Gilmore’s best friend and her business partner. Then in these twenty years she has obtained two Oscar nominations (one for The bride’s friends and the other for Original copy in which he demonstrated his dramatic talent), two Emmys (the latest for his presence at the Saturday Night Live), was in the group of actresses of the female reboot Ghostbusters and in the action film Spy, Melissa McCarthy has become a point of reference for female comedy. She now she arrives paired with her husband, the comedian Ben Falcone in a hilarious new series on Netflix, entitled God’s Favorite Idiot.

Los Angeles: Melissa McCarthy among the Hollywood stars

McCarthy and Falcone met in an improvisational theater in Los Angeles in 1998 and 24 years later they are married and have two daughters. Together they have already shot Original copy and the series Nine perfect unknown but God’s Favorite Idiot is something different, a kind of third creature after the 15 and 12 year old daughters Vivian and Georgette.

Created and produced by both, the series tells the absurd story that happens to a quiet and somewhat introverted hi-tech employee, Clarks Thompson (Falcone) who one day while going into the garden in search of his missing cat is hit by a lightning. When he recovers apparently he is fine, but in the following days two curious phenomena see him as the protagonist: he leaves for no apparent reason Sign of Times of Harry Stiles from the radios and Alexa surrounding him and a light suddenly shines on his face and hands. The first of her to notice is her colleague Amily Luck (McCarthy) who is convinced of what she has seen of her even though her office colleagues do not believe her due to her alcohol and drug use. Clarks is secretly in love with Amily and one day he finally manages to find the courage to ask her out, she will also accept her for confirmation that this mysterious light really exists. The twist will happen with the arrival of an angel (played by Yanic TruesdaleMichel Gerard of A mother as a friendgrande réunion) who tells Clarks that he has been chosen by God as a messenger.

“Everything comes from this strange brain that still works more or less like when we met in the late nineties – said McCarthy – We started talking about it about three years ago: how do you choose to believe in God and how you can be the his messenger if nobody believes in you? It’s a typical loser story for which I feel a strong attraction and then the simplest person who has such a great responsibility … it seemed like a perfect situation for a comedy. ” After the series – which could also have a second season – we may find Melissa McCarthy in Thor: Love and Thunder (there is a yellow if he is actually part of the cast) but certainly in the new one Mermaid Disney where she plays the octopus Ursula. Meanwhile McCarthy has created a plus size clothing line because “I believe women deserve to be able to make better choices. Fashion should help us express our individual personality.” The choice to create her own label is said to be due to the fact that twice the designers had refused to make a dress for her for the night of the Oscars.

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