• May 28, 2023

Mancini: “Ball possession? Without Verratti and Jorginho forced into vertical play”

MOENCHENGLADBACH – It is not a complete metamorphosis, but the Italy of Mancini is changing its skin: from the offensiveness and domination of the game shown to the European through the insistent dribble to the instant vertical maneuver through the counterattack. This is certified by official UEFA data on the first three days of the Nations League (44.67 the average percentage of ball possession, in the Wembley final with England it was 65.6 according to Opta), but to put pen to paper the change of tactics is the same coach at Radiorai, a few hours after Germany’s home game: “In this tournament we haven’t had Jorginho and Verratti so far, their presence keeps possession very high. Today we have more players who verticalize. , which attack quickly, so there is something slightly different. “

Italy, Mancini: “Young people must be able to make mistakes. Many changes against Germany”

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

A national team has already emerged that is less tied to a system and capable of varying it several times even in the same match. For this reason with Germany, for example, the doubt seems to be between a four or three defense, with four players currently in the balance for a jersey: Luiz Felipe, Locatelli, Salvatore Esposito and Frattesi. In attack we go towards the Politano-Raspadori-Gnonto trident, even if Mancini reserves a supplement for reflection. The construction site is a necessity, Italy has become a team more ready for tactical changes, partly out of necessity: “Maybe yes, we need to try something more, but there was little time with matches every three days. But maybe yes, we will change something “. In any case, however Germany-Italy ends, Mancini believes that the result cannot affect the overall evaluation of this June blue in the Nations League: “Beyond the results, the balance remains positive. Of course, it would be even more so if we closed with a victory, which will not be easy, and with another match played well “.

Books and football, it is the national team of students

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

The center forward issue has not yet been resolved: despite the fair tests, Scamacca has not scored so far and has alternated in the role with Raspadori. The search for the number nine of the future continues: “We must try to ensure that these guys accumulate as much experience as possible. Then we also see what will come out in the next few months, there are some good guys.” He is by no means excluded, indeed it is likely that he will be back in September Property, even though he had expressed doubts about the continuation of the relationship with the national team: “I spoke to Ciro and he didn’t say anything to me. He must rest assured, he has always scored many goals, in the national team he has always given everything and is champion of Europe. This must never be forgotten, it is not a trivial thing “. Meanwhile, the coach has communicated to UEFA the list of 23 Azzurri, with their jersey numbers, for the last match of the season, which will be attended by 44,000 spectators (sold out at Borussia Park). Donnarumma 1, Di Lorenzo 2, Spinazzola 3, Luiz Felipe 4, Gianluca Mancini 5, Calabria 6, Caprari 7, Esposito 8, Scamacca 9, Locatelli 10, Gnonto 11, Pessina 12, Dimarco 13, Gollini 14, Acerbi 15, Cristante 16 , Politano 17, Barella 18, Scalvini 19, Cragno 20, Frattesi 21, Raspadori 22, Bastoni 23. This time the beaten Pellegrini (the best of this tournament of the national team), Meret, Gatti, Cancellieri, Zerbin and the disqualified go to the stands Tonali.

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