• June 5, 2023

Magic asphalt for electric cars, induction charging is ready

ROME – From the “Arena del Futuro” experimental circuit, along the A35 Brebemi motorway, to concrete development projects within strategic national and international infrastructures, the step is short. The induction charging technology for electric cars Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (Dwpt), has just been presented in Chiari (Bs), by the president of A35 Brebemi, Francesco Bettoni and by the partners participating in the program.

This technology allows electric vehicles to recharge while traveling on dedicated lanes, thanks to an innovative system of loops positioned under the asphalt that directly transfer the necessary energy to the vehicles in transit. The technology can be adapted to all vehicles equipped with a special “receiver” capable of transferring the energy coming from the road infrastructure directly to the electric motor, extending the range and safeguarding the vehicle’s battery charge.

The Italian pilot project, coordinated by A35 Brebemi and Aleatica, is the one at the most advanced stage of experimentation with the collaboration between various excellences of the respective sectors such as Abb, Electreon, Iveco, Iveco Bus, Mapei, Pizzarotti, Politecnico di Milano, Prysmian, Stellantis , Tim, Fiamm Energy Technology, Roma Tre University, University of Parma, Fire Brigade and Ministry of the Interior – Traffic Police. After the results of the numerous tests carried out and still in progress on this technology, in particular in the context of the Italian project “Arena del Futuro”, the concrete advantages obtainable with the DWPT have been confirmed.

Among the many benefits of induction charging technology, research is highlighting, for example, greater vehicle energy efficiency thanks to on-the-go charging, reduced battery volume in vehicles, and increased average battery life. thanks to the avoidance of charging peaks (the battery would be powered at intervals during the day). Furthermore, once its development has been completed, the system will be able to contribute to improving the quality of the user’s journey, with a reduction in stop times for recharging thanks to the optimal combination of different recharging systems.

Behind this innovation, there are the advanced technologies offered by 5G and by application solutions based on artificial intelligence, which will implement the exchange of information between the vehicle and the management platforms, for the benefit of road safety and mobility efficiency. “Dwpt technology, in its dynamic and static induction variables – underline the headquarters – has already aroused interest in possible immediate commercial developments in Italy and abroad, also thanks to its versatility as, in addition to its use on roads and motorways, the same is proving to be useful and ideal also within other infrastructures such as ports, airports and car parks ”.

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