M5S, Conte: "By the end of June I will vote among the members on the double mandate. Leave the government? Many citizens are asking us"

He talks about the results, about abstention, but also about the internal rules of the party. After the bad performance of the 5 Star Movement in the first round of the municipal elections, Giuseppe Conte he summons the press to the 5S headquarters in Rome and announces: “By the end of June there will be the vote of the members on the second term”. A topic that is debated within the Movement, but on which the 5S will now have to express themselves definitively. “And a vote on the refunds” of the salaries of the elected officials will also be called, Conte said. After all, several million euros were missing from the 2021 report, which had not been returned by about ninety parliamentarians.

M5S, Conte feels the blow: “But let’s stay in the government and move on to phase two”

by Matteo Pucciarelli

But after the beating of the Municipalities, the leader of the grillini admits: “It is an absolutely unsatisfactory result, it cannot satisfy us. I take full responsibility, but we also try to clarify that we pay a high price for our way of working”. And so he tries to run for cover and presents a new reorganization of the party at the territorial level: “There will be-he says-some referents, identified, as regional coordinators and from next week also the provincial coordinators”. In this way, he hopes, “we trust in these new tools to recover those citizens who are out of love with politics”. Participation, therefore, because, Conte observes, “we are concerned about the growing abstention, which has reached record levels. It is a disease of democracy”.

Read between 5S and centrists. On the right, new balances with the change of leadership

by Serenella Mattera

And again: “Leave the government? – continues the former premier – I met many people who made this request. I have personally touched this request. Our electorate is suffering. We do not feel like turning our backs on the citizens. : I said that when we entered the government and now that we have screwed ourselves into a downward spiral. We are responsible but no one tells us shut upthat there is a suspension of the political dialectic “.

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