• June 5, 2023

How to wear a foulard top in summer 2022 | iO Woman

THEThe wardrobe of Summer 2022: versatile, fresh, playful. A single piece can be used as a base to create different looks: the case of the printed foulard, which is worn in a thousand different ways. At the neck, as a belt, tied on the bag – and above all, as a top.

foulard top summer 2022

A detail of Versace SS22 (Photo: Imaxtree).

Where we have seen it

The original idea to reinvent the classic printed silk handkerchief comes directly from the fashion shows. First of all, there are two ways to go: to focus on an already assembled scarf top model, like the one proposed by Versace Spring-Summer 2022. Or be inspired by it to transform the carré inherited from the grandmother or a model found in the vintage shop of trust to create your own, very personal styling.

The foulard in 5 original ways, here are all the ideas to try

The foulard in 5 original ways, here are all the ideas to try

In any case, the starting point is a strictly silk scarf from square form (starting from 70 × 70), better if marked with a print in bright colorswith a geometric, floral or artistic pattern.

foulard top summer 2022

The foulard top on the Versace SS22 catwalk (Photo: Imaxtree).

How to wear the foulard top in Summer 2022

The style suggestion for wearing the foulard top in Summer 2022: tie it at the front and at the neck, perhaps using an ad hoc rigid and metallic choker. Although the simplest ploy to replicate in a DIY key that’s what the classic handkerchief sees knotted on the back. Just fold it back on itself in half, creating a triangle, and tie it to the torso with a back knot. Using a bandeau bra is crucial to hold it up – just tie the ends onto it to weld it together and prevent it from falling or melting.

top foulard summer 2022

The look with the Versace SS22 foulard top (Photo: Imaxtree).

Once you have created the top of yesteryear, all that remains is to combine it with other highlights of the season to dive straight into the 2000s. Starting from the basic black A-line miniskirt, which enhances it by contrast, up to the maxi geometric glasses and satin mules with the wedge.

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The foulard top also matches perfectly with light frayed jeans and lends itself as a chic ally for aperitif time, just like the jeweled or strapless models. The diva touch? THE maxi hoop earrings that were strong at the time – and therefore, in the supreme name of nostalgia, even now.


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