Herbal teas in summer: the benefits and tastes to try, even in the ice version – iO Woman

Herbal teas in summer: the benefits and tastes to try, even in the ice version - iO Woman

F.redde and thirst-quenching, herbal teas are among the best ways to drink more during the summer by counteracting high temperatures. Full of benefits thanks to the properties of their natural ingredients, they are perfect for alleviating some seasonal imperfections such as heavy legs or the loss of hydration due to the heat: “Most herbal infusions are a good source of flavonoids and other polyphenols that can provide a useful approach to improve some aspects of one’s well-being” he explains Marco Ciambotta, nutritionist biologist.

Herbal teas, the infusion rich in properties perfect all year round

Nettle, raspberries, karkadè, licorice and the list goes on. In herbal teas there are many ingredients, each with its properties, their great strength: “This drink is a diluted solution of medicinal substances of plant origin, a characteristic that links it to decoction, infusion and maceration. And then the infusion in water that allows the passage of the active ingredients from the different parts of the plant, including flowers, leaves, roots, berries and seeds, to the water»Explains the nutritionist.

Not by chance, more and more scientific studies suggest that the double compound compounds in infusions have many beneficial effects on the body: «Including potential antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antithrombotic and vasodilating actions. But also anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging effects ».

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“A fact that shouldn’t come as a surprise, in the past, in fact, plants were the main ingredient in all traditional medicines: for many centuries the remedies used were of natural origin and some active ingredients, now used by the pharmaceutical industry, derive from here »specifies the nutritionist.

Choosing the right herbal tea: a matter of ingredients and results

The choice of the right herbal tea must be based on both results to be obtained both on the active ingredients contained “Because they can interact with any medications or develop side effects. The quantity of molecules present in plants is almost infinite and some even have allergic effects »explains the expert.

More water even in winter: tips for drinking more

More water even in winter: tips for drinking more

Not only that, but it’s best not to drink too much, «The same rule applies to tea, coffee and maté, all drinks with stimulating and tonic properties. For the same reason, I also advise against taking it in the evening because they can adversely affect the nervous system e negatively impact sleep quality“.

Although herbal teas are rich in properties, their consumption must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle: “For example, drinking a herbal tea without reducing junk food from your diet, slightly nullifies its effects.”

Herbal teas for the summer, the ingredients to try

But which ones to choose for the summer? For this period, herbal teas are suitable they can be drunk both hot and cold and that favor the drainage of excess fluids, helping to dispose of waste and keep the body hydratedAnd they reduce any swelling by promoting digestionusually slower in hot weather.

To counteract the hated swelling of the legs, typical of the season, are key ingredients draining. First of all nettle, rich in flavonoids, wild rose with tonicizing properties and vitamin C, which counteracts the stagnation of liquids that cause pain in the extremities. Also not to be underestimated karkadè which stimulates local microcirculation.

Among the fruits, however, in addition to citrus fruits, i blueberries and raspberries, with an antioxidant action they fight the aging of blood vessels. Fennel, licorice, mint help digestion while ginger, lemon and green tea have a detoxifying and slimming action.

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Instructions for Use

For its consumption, it is better «first of all to avoid sugar and sweeteners, but drink them plain. Without waiting too long so as not to lose the beneficial properties. Finally, since many are perfect to drink cold, they are ideal in summer to keep the body hydrated »concludes the expert.


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