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There Hair loss it represents no small problem for many men. That males with little hair are not very charming is all to be verified, but even if it is not based on anything concrete, this stereotype is part of the collective imagination and can affect life. This is why in recent decades a real pharmaceutical and clinical industry has developed to hide or reduce the problem of alopecia.

The doubt that the Hair loss reduce charm, power and masculine virility not only affects Mr. Rossi. Whether it is the man of the street or the powerful on duty, exhibiting a thick hair is part of personal identity and contains meanings that are lost in the mists of time. The result is that politicians, business leaders, sportsmen, singers, or ordinary people try them all before surrendering to the shaved skull.


Hair loss in history

There hair loss and the thinning of the foliage are problems that have affected men for centuries. The hairstyle was also an important aspect in ancient Roman society, but until the early years AD male pattern baldness was synonymous with wisdom and power, so much so that even the patrons in the portraits of the Romans showed themselves bald. In the following centuries, men and women began to dye their hair and curl it to mask alopecia.

The history of the treatments against hair loss in the last millennia it has been made up of herbal cures, lotions and beneficial spirits. Since obviously nothing worked, the ancient Egyptians already used wigs long before the fashion in vogue among the nobles and the wealthy starting from the 1600s throughout Europe. In the following centuries, wigs were replaced by hats. In the twentieth century, science began to look for medicines and systems to remedy baldness, even with drastic transplant solutions.

Cosmetic hair surgery treatments hit the market in the 1970s. The first clinics to implant artificial hair are born in America, an operation not without problems due to the use of materials often rejected by patients. To date, a truly effective solution against hair loss does not exist. While hair cloning is being studied, baldness still contrasts with drugs, wigs and fake hair.

Causes of hair loss

There hair loss it affects about 70% of men and 40% of women. It usually occurs at a fairly advanced age, but Androgenetic Alopecia, a scientific term that identifies the problem, increasingly affects young people and has hormonal genetic causes that affect the growth of the bulb. According to experts, today many men and women begin to lose their hair as early as the age of 18.

Millennials, or boys between 18-37 years old, suffer much more frequently than in the past from hair thinning due to causes that have little genetic. For the American Psychological Association, frenetic lifestyles and social and economic worries cause early stress phenomena that are a risk factor for this pathology that triggers more stress.

Advertising and communication strike the average man by associating the little hair with an idea of ​​old age to promise miraculous thickenings at a high price. The cosmetic and surgical industry is the first to represent the Hair loss as a problem to be ashamed of, almost a social pillory. Without believing in miraculous concoctions and waiting for science to find definitive solutions, there are those who resort to transplantation.

Hair and beard transplant

If the idea of ​​being completely bald frightens, hairpieces do not satisfy the desire for naturalness, when it is hair loss proceeds swiftly leaving the frontal area uncovered, all that remains is the transplant. It is good to clarify that a hair transplant is not a simple operation to be taken lightly, but a real complex medical procedure both in the implementation phase and maintenance.

A hair transplant it costs between 4000 and 15 thousand euros depending on the area to be thickened. It is carried out by taking the bulbs from a posterior area not affected by baldness, surgically grafting them into the bald part. In this way, between 10 and 80% of new hairs will fully grow in a few months. However, new hair also tends to get thinner over time. As this is an operation, the side effects range from inflammation to itching to new hair loss.

If the hair loss is a problem for many men, there are males who want thick facial hair localized in certain areas. To have a thick and falsely unkempt beard of Hollywood movie stars, someone resorts to cosmetic surgery. The beard transplant is an operation under local anesthesia costing thousands of euros in which hair is taken from other parts of the body to trigger it with a series of small cuts on the face in the areas requested by the patient.

Peeled and fascinating

If you don’t think a transplant is the best way to solve it Hair loss, there is a much more natural and economical solution: shave to zero. Social Psychological and Personality magazine has published research stating that a nice bald head is ideal for conquering others. Even the image consultants have always supported this: to solve the problem once and for all, turning to zero is the ideal solution.

A test conducted on 344 men in shaved, low-haired or hairless versions, respectively, found that men with shaved heads are perceived by others to be more dominant in appearance than their shaggy counterparts. A bald head conveys aggression, competitiveness and character. Getting stolen is the best way to show others that you have faith and pride in who you are without trying to be something else and without spending money unnecessarily.

In Hollywood iconography there is no lack of cases of fascinating bald men a la Bruce Willis, who today proudly display their baldness clearing one of the oldest causes of male insecurity. Hair loss offers the best of itself for those who want to make a career at work. The Wall Street Journal cites examples of famously successful bald managers, from Daniel Akerson (General Motors number one), to Marc Andreessen (Andreessen Horowitz), to Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks) and many more.

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