• May 29, 2023

Discover Sansepolcro guided by its citizens: the city of Piero della Francesca has become a widespread museum

THE CITY of Sansepolcro, in the Arezzo area, is located right at the crossroads of four regions – Tuscany, Marche, Umbria and Emilia-Romagna – and is known throughout the world for being the birthplace of some of the most important figures in art. and the culture of our country, as well as for its extraordinary historical wonders. Cradle of Renaissance culture and until 1986 the capital of the diocese of the same name, the most populous center of the Tuscan Valtiberina decided to reorganize its tourist offer with a project – “Discover Sansepolcro. The Diffused Museum: places, people and stories” – which in contact with visitors and the local community, letting some symbolic characters, or guardians of the heritage, traditions or memory, tell the secrets of the city, the anecdotes of those who have lived its past and live its present.

The initiative, launched in 2019, offers the visitor a new, more responsible way to visit the village and its history, with tours organized every Saturday of the month until 24 September. A project that says no to mass tourism, inevitably less attentive to detail, and aims at enhancing the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Sansepolcro in the name of quality, in the interest of the city and the tourist.

Meeting point for the tours, the Tourist Office, in the historic Piazza Torre di Berta, at 3:30 pm. The guides will accompany the participants, with visits in Italian and English, through the streets and shops of the historic center, to discover the Civic Museum, which houses the works of Piero della Francesca, and in two of the eight places that adhere to the project. The towns and citizens of Sansepolcro engaged for years in taking care of extraordinary places will open the doors of the Diocesan Archive, the Bell Tower of the Cathedral, the CasermArcheologica headquarters, the Museo Biblioteca della Resistenza, the Spazio del Merletto, the Spazio della Vetrata Antica and contemporary, of the headquarters of the Crossbowmen and Flag-wavers.

“Visitors – explains the Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Sansepolcro, Francesca Mercati – will have the opportunity to discover customs, traditions and places of the city, through the citizens and towns that are their guardians, promoting the beauties of art ancient and contemporary, as well as our traditions. “

The Diffused Museum has proved to be one of the most significant examples in Italy of responsible tourism and for this reason it has recently obtained the patronage of the Italy Patria della Bellezza Foundation. The project, conceived in this formula by the CasermArcheologica Association, is carried out in collaboration with other associations in the area and with the Tourist Office, thanks to the support of the Municipality of Sansepolcro.

The appointment of 11 June includes, after the inevitable stop at the Civic Museum, a visit to Palazzo Muglioni, headquarters of the CasermArcheolgica Association, which hosts the exhibitions “Buitoni, the city in the city” and “Archaeological Bestiary” by Antonio Massarutto , and to the Society of Crossbowmen. Visitors will also have the opportunity to follow the Citizen Tournament at the Crossbow Shooting Field, one of Sansepolcro’s oldest and most identifying traditions.

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