• May 29, 2023

Death Elena Del Pozzo, the criminologist: “Act that upsets, but not rare. Perhaps it was perceived as an obstacle”

“The murder of a child by a mother is an act that upsets us but they are not uncommon. In this case, the young age of the mother and the bad relations with her father could lead us to think that this little girl could be perceived by her mother. as an obstacle or an object of resentment towards the ex-partner, in addition there may have been a profile of this mother’s inadequacy in the commitment that parenting involves. has the absurd, a kidnapping. The woman collapses when she is put in front of a series of inconsistencies that were part of her narrative: a kidnapping that should have been reflected in the images of the cameras which instead did not identify the presence of any subject “. Criminologist Flaminia Bolzan tells Adnkronos, commenting on the tragedy of little Elena Del Pozzo in the Catania area, the 5-year-old girl whose murder was confessed this morning by her mother.

Catania, the discovery of the body of little Elena: the agony of the family

For the criminologist, the woman, even if she has admitted her responsibilities, “is difficult to identify the psychological motivation. She will provide a motivation but then it will be up to all of us to ask ourselves how much a more or less superficial motivation actually answers why. a young woman can do something like this. We cannot be satisfied with a superficial motivation. To really define the motivation of a gesture we must understand in what context it matured, what were the relationships with the figures who alternated in caring of the little girl … “.

Elena Del Pozzo’s aunt: “Mother affectionate and patient, but there were strange moments”

In any case, “quickly identifying a motivation in the absence of knowledge of the background of this relationship, the social and cultural context, the presence of risk factors that can lead to the hypothesis of the presence of a personality disorder, is very difficult. It is clear that one of the risk factors could be young age and it would help to understand how this pregnancy and the birth of this child was lived “.

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