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Cesare Cremonini: his stadium tour starts from San Siro – iO Donna

Qhen you have a repertoire on your side chock full of singles that did very well on the radio (and not only that), it is not easy to escape from the karaoke effect. Not that it’s bad, for heaven’s sake. But in the concerts that end up becoming career celebrations it is always lurking the nostalgic thought of a glorious past. The reference to beautiful times in which we were all lighter and more carefree (which then, go and figure out if it was really like that …). With Cesare Cremonini you sing. And how if you sing. But the show is just another thing: no sad look at the past. It is overwhelmed by a present that is full of life, discoveries and bets.

The stadium tour has started

With yesterday’s concert, Monday 13 June, at San Siro StadiumCremonini has in fact inaugurated his new tour in the Italian stadiums (before the show in Milan, only the zero date of June 9 in Lignano). A very important appointment for the artist (who prefers to define himself as a “performer” rather than a “singer”), as he explains to us a few hours before the concert.

“I grew up preparing this show. I feel different from 2018: I feel new. We have worked for months at high intensity and finally we reopen the dance with a demanding show“.

Cesare Cremonini

Cesare Cremonini at San Siro. He performed on a mobile platform above the parterre. (Press office)

The ambition: to make the stadium an artistic place

This change is expressed in a declared and evident attempt, watching the grandeur of the show. It translates in a precise ambition: «What I want to do is making the stadium a musical venue. An artistic place“.

Such an ambition is the same that the Bolognese singer-songwriter is carrying out in his record production, trying to raise the bar, not to settle in the successes and in everything that it is now understood that, linked to its name, “works”. All of this it would be hypocritical. And he would have nothing to do with the creativity of which he is greedy and sincerely in need.

Cesare Cremonini enchants San Siro: Elisabetta Canalis is among the fans

Cesare Cremonini enchants San Siro: Elisabetta Canalis is among the fans

The route of the show

This is clear: Cremonini takes his audience by the hand. It does this with an initial requestwhich is the one contained in the first sentence of the title track of his latest album, The girl of the future. “I need someone to show me the way ..”.

«The concert begins with this sentence. And then it’s not like you can ignore it. To start with a sentence like this means to do a narrative path. I myself have to follow the concert to get to the bottom of it », he had told us a few hours after the show.

So what is this narrative path made of? Of the rediscovery of songs from the past never performed live before (like the timeless Something big) but also the creation of moments in which the performance becomes a real experience. Like the six instrumental intros who have the task of transporting the public to ever-changing places.

Cesare Cremonini

Cesare Cremonini at San Siro. (Press office)

Supported by a lighting system of great effectfrom the projection on the walls of videos thought to perfection, and from body of a real bandCremonini reproposed past hits in renewed versions.

It has moved fromintimacy of a piano at the chorality of a guitar. He performed on one mobile platform who circled around the stage, over the heads of his fans in the parterre. She blew up the stadium with the charge of 50 special and thrilled everyone with a beautiful one MoonWalk (together with Davide Rossi), dedicated to his missing father.

“This ladder brings with it a little the depth and breadth of my soul and my life experience. There is love, but there is loss. There is death, but there is birth. These are the same elements that are present in my songs, ”she says.

Cesare Cremonini enchants San Siro: Elisabetta Canalis is among the fans

Cesare Cremonini enchants San Siro: Elisabetta Canalis is among the fans

The virtual duet with Lucio Dalla

But that’s not all: there is also a virtual duet with Lucio Dalla on the notes of Starfish. “I don’t want to call it homage. It’s a duet. I asked to extract the original voice of the composition. There Lucio has a voice that in my opinion raises the level of imagination in the listener. That tone of hers has an impact … It is a magic, a secretHe explained to us.

«The Dalla Foundation has supported this thing with great enthusiasm and for the first time Starfish the vocal track has been taken and extrapolated. My idea was to physically bring Lucio Dalla to stadiums, around Italy. The intention is not to pay homage to him, but to sing with him ».

The performer, among other things, is planning a film about Dallawhich at the moment is in stand-by: «Between Sanremo, the new album and this tour I decided to act calmly. I will dedicate to the project of the film about Lucio a whole year of my lifeHe anticipated.

The final party will be in Imola

Cremonini’s tour – which he will have later its transposition in the sports halls in the coming months (“Also because I cannot play in many stadiums in Italy because they are unusable or because they do not allow hosting a show of this type. And I am very sorry about this thing”, he explains) – he will continue with other appointments in Italian stadiums.

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And it will end with a maxi event at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari International Circuit, in Imola. Another challenge that the singer-songwriter has decided to undertake following an ideal that is now part of his DNA: make your life a “great crescendo”. But rediscovering, time by time, that the emotion can really be the same as the very first audition.


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