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Bionike Defense Sun, the new solar formulations by Bionike that defend skin and seas – iO Donna

“THEtogether for a better future. Of your skin. Of our Planet “. BioNike has set itself an ambitious goalleading Italian brand in dermocosmetics since 1960. It is following these dogmas that it was born BioNike Defense Sun. The new photoprotection line designed to protect the skin from short and long-term damage from the sun, while respecting natural resources. The formulas, in fact, guarantee triple photoprotection and contain filters selected for compatibility with the biodiversity of the seas. All in recycled and recyclable eco-packs for truly concrete support.

BioNike Defense Sun, cutting-edge solar products

BioNike’s Defense Sun solar products have been formulated for one triple photoprotection, broad spectrum defense from UVA-UVB rays, protection from free radicals generated by infrared rays (IR) and long-term biological damage.

THE UVA rayswhich represent the dominant portion of the UVs, are not very energetic but they penetrate deep into the dermis causing photoaging. The UVB, are the minority of UV, but have a high energy content and are responsible for erythema and sunburn, as well as photocarcinogenesis. Finally, the IR cause the formation of oxygen free radicals, ROS, which help propagate long-term harmful effects.

Within each formula there are photostable UVA and UVB filters and the SPF Booster which optimizes the filtration performance. And above all the PRO-REPAIR Complex: it is a complex that strengthens the natural mechanisms of biological protection and repair of the skin, helping to prevent long-term damage.


Bionike Defense Sun by Bionike has new environmentally friendly formulas and packaging

Designed for the most sensitive skin

The Defense Sun line is designed for the most sensitive and intolerant skins, according to the “without” philosophy that has always distinguished the BioNike brand. The formulations they are free of traditional preservatives, but the life-long microbiological preservation of the product is guaranteed in an alternative way, with ingredients that bind free water.

Also, the protections they do not contain perfume: dermatological evidence indicates that fragrances they are the primary cause of allergic reactions. For this reason the Defense Sun line is elaborated with selected ingredients also at an olfactory level.

Eco-friendly formulas with the seas

Respect for BioNike also goes through the seas. Defense Sun solar products have high compatibility for the aquatic environment, as demonstrated by the results of the test protocol, conducted on three species representative of Mediterranean biodiversity, by a prestigious independent research institute, specializing precisely in ecotoxicology studies. Defense Sun formulas are therefore tested compatible with the marine ecosystem.

A respect for the environment that also translates into choice of highly innovative recycled and recyclable packaging that contributes to the reduction of waste. By doing so, BioNike has managed to reduce the consumption of virgin plastic by 96% and CO emissions by 46%2.

In addition, cylinders and tubes are no waste, not to waste even a drop of solar e the packages are inviolable to avoid dispersing the product in the environment.

A sea of ​​stars, the project supported by BioNike for Worldrise

Attention to the environment which also translates into support to the non-profit association Worldrise for the project A sea of ​​starsstrongly supported by Bionike.

Founded in 2013 by Mariasole Bianco, Worldrise develops projects aimed at conservation and enhancement of the marine environment through awareness raising and education, also involving young students. The project in collaboration with BioNike this year provides for the protection and cleaning of the Italian coasts for safeguard the forests of gorgonians and the starfish that live there. The objectives set are two: an identification and geolocation operation of the different species of starfish, real sentinels of the health of the sea affected by fishing for ornamental purposes, within protected marine areas including the Egadi Islands, Ustica and Secche della Meloria.

Secondly, an activity of monitoring and recovery of waste and ghost nets, those lost nets that continue to fish, damaging the seabed. In particular, in the areas of Golfo Aranci and Capo Mortola, where gorgonians grow and remain trapped. Nicknamed the “sea fans”, due to their particular tree structure which makes them similar to corals, but more supple «Even under the fan of gorgonians hundreds of different species of animals find refuge and food. Thanks to the complex recovery operations of the nets, it will be possible to free these wonderful organisms, protecting the immense marine heritage accompanying them, “he explains Monica Previati, Worldrise marine biologist.

The BioNike Defense Sun line

Unmissable to protect yourself from the sun, the Milk Spray 50+ of the Defense Sun line. There consistency is ultra-light and non-sticky while the new formulation protects against the harmful effects of UVA-UVB and IR rays, as well as being able to count on the SPF Booster to optimize the concentration of the filters. The bottle is made with 100% recycled material.

For the face instead the Dark Face Cream 50+: it is not greasy and is designed for the skins normal and dry. The solar is contained inside a tube made up of 40% recycled material and an FSC paper case.

For normal-combination skin, BioNike has thought of the new Anti-Shine Face Fluid 50+an ultra-light, mattifying texture with a mat effect that protects without weighing it down. Invisible Spray SPF30light and non-sticky, it is instead created for one more practical and easier protection in drafting. Its texture transparent touch is delivered at 360 °, allowing you to reach even the most difficult areas and is contained in a 100% recycled aluminum cylinder. Even the cylinders are made smart thanks to the Bag on Valve technology, with eco-friendly inert propellant, which allows you to use the whole product down to the last drop.

For children, on the other hand, there is the Baby & Kids Spray Milk SPF50 +: very easy to spread, anti-sand and water resistant like all other formulas, it has been designed for protect the very delicate skins of children and babiesthinking about the well-being of their skin and safeguarding the marine environment.


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