• May 28, 2023

App to know and experience sea and beaches – Donnamoderna

V.Are you on holiday by the sea? Here are some of the many apps dedicated to a life on the beach and under the waves. They will also help you to respect the environment

The sea it is beautiful all year round. In summer then – in addition to walking along the shoreline – how can you resist diving and also enjoy the incredible spectacle that the marine ecosystem gives us?

For many, in fact, the vacation between sand and waves is the ideal way to enjoy the warmer months.

In addition to sunscreen, towel and maybe a bottle for fresh water, a regular guest usually comes with us under the umbrella: smartphone. Much more than a telephone, it can also be a precious ally for loving, living and defending the sea. Here are some of the many apps dedicated to a life on the beach and under the waves.

Pollution and waste at sea: here is the app to map them

You can’t stand to see the beaches and coasts invaded by waste and – besides collecting some every day – would you like to do more? With Eyesea you can help map the pollution of seas and oceans. Each of us can become a sentinel and contribute to the collection of data, making the extent of the problem visible so that governments around the world understand that just as water has no physical boundaries, so waste is spreading everywhere, carried by the waves.

How does it work? Download the app, take a photo and upload it, remembering to geolocate it. If you have not had the opportunity to immortalize the rejection or the dangerous situation, you can still proceed to report thanks to a very simple guided procedure that starts from identifying the type of pollution, such as for example oil splatters, abandoned fishing netsetc .. If necessary, you can also send a simple voice message.

More fish, less plastic

The Mediterranean is almost a closed lake and this exacerbates problems such as those related to the accumulation of plastics. Impossible, or rare, not to notice them: they often “capture” our legs when we swim or, in small and large fragments, are now almost present in the sand castles that we build under the umbrella. To carry out a great job of defense of the sea in Italy is the Coast Guard which, among the various activities, works to try to involve citizens in communication and environmental education campaigns. This is why the app # was launchedPlasticFreeGC which contains a real videogame inside. The target? Save the fish from the plastic rain in the sea. The application was then integrated with a new feature “sightings“which allows citizens to report live, through their smartphone, the presence in the sea of ​​particular marine species, allowing everyone to be guardians for a day (or a season) of the wonderful marine animals whose monitoring is essential today , both to know their habits and to understand who populates our seas today.

A beach suitable for everyone

Sustainability also rhymes with accessibility. A useful app for those who love the sea and are looking for a bathing establishment is beaches.it, which allows you to check for a series of services and, if necessary, also to book, thus avoiding the risk of going empty under the sun and perhaps consuming gasoline in search of a free cot. You can thus check the facilities suitable for familiesthose that allow access to the sea and to the various services at disabled peoplewho admits our friends animals and many other information.

What a good wind …

Very useful are the apps that report the weather conditions. If this aspect is important when we are on vacation, it can even be vital if we decide to sail the waves. There are really several specifics. For example Windy or PredictWind – Marine Forecasts are apps often downloaded by sportsmen (of the sea and beyond) such as kiters, surfers, navigators or fishermen to chase, sail or avoid the wind but also for those who want to understand if it is the right day to go to the beach for those who prefer calm sea situations.

Eye to the sun!

Being in the sun is very pleasant and although you have to do it correctly to avoid heat strokeit is also essential to protect ours skin. In addition to adequate protection – with creams, hats, T-shirts and umbrellas – it is essential to carefully calibrate how much time we spend under the sun’s rays. We must never lose sight of the clock, where we need a further reminder, apps like UVLens or UV Index will help remind us when it’s time to step into the shade!

Save the Wave App Challenge

Not just an app to inform. The Unesco Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission has recently launched the Save the Wave App Challenge or one challenge between Boys high school. The target? Design an app that is a themed videogame “ocean education”Which helps, in a fun way, to raise awareness of the state of the waters of our beloved Planet. One thing is certain: those who participate in the challenge can already consider themselves a winner. They are in fact made available to the participants lessons on ocean education but also on coding and gaming.

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