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Antonella Elia, from dark moments to success, with a smile – iO Donna

THEL blond bob most famous of Italian television was undoubtedly that of Raffaella Carrà. And there is no question of this. But we can say with certainty – obviously without daring to make comparisons – that shortly after that of “Divine“, Who disappeared exactly a year ago, could be placed that of Antonella Elia58, of which 32 spent on TV.

Alessandro Cattelan and Elodie, a special “Tuca Tuca” to pay homage to Raffaella Carrà

Alessandro Cattelan and Elodie, a special “Tuca Tuca” to pay homage to Raffaella Carrà

The difficult childhood of Antonella Elia

His life does not begin under the best star. Antonella Elia she lost her mother when she was only half a year old. When she is 14, though, too his father Enrico dies, victim of a terrible road accident on the Autostrada dei Fiori, near Andora. They also remain involved in the same accident Paolo Barison (former striker of Naples and Rome), who dies, and the coach Gigi Radicewhich fortunately is saved.

At that point, left without parents and still a minor, Antonella is entrusted to her grandparents. But they too die before his 18th birthday.

Antonella Elia

Antonella Elia. (Handle)

Antonella Elia’s father

“My father died when I was 14 in a car accident,” said Antonella Elia. “His second wife was in the car with him. It was a terrible accident, she was shocked“. But luckily, at least she survived.

The father, Elijah recalled, “he was a very strict man: I don’t know if the fact that there was no mother affected him in this sense. He was from Avellino and was already mature when I was born ». Their relationship was marked by the paternal jealousy: “He absolutely didn’t want that dating males. I tried to go to the boy scout but he pulled me away from there too. ‘

To the daughter, the father was a rather bulky figure. “For example, I wanted to attend art school and then enter the Albertina Academy, I think painting is my true passionHe said. “Him though forced me to sign up for the classic. Let alone what he would have said when he saw me being a model or an actresshe would never have let me. “

Antonella Elia student version

Perhaps also because of this paternal jealousy, as a child Elijah had to attend a nuns’ school. «The memory I have of myself in those years is that of a shy, complex girl. I was not outgoing, much less over the top. The nuns weren’t the right place to be extravagant “.

At school she was not a model student: she always had very low marks in conduct and «I was alone, so much kept on a leash that I didn’t see other children ».

She also didn’t take much of her own: “I’ve never loved going to school and I experienced it as an imposition. I didn’t even like being in books. In elementary school, however, I preferred Italian. Then growing up, I am passionate about philosophy, history, Latin and Greek literature“.

The beginnings on TV

Antonella Elia made her debut in the world of television in 1990, thanks to Corrado, the well-known conductor. He begins his career with the legendary one Bullfighting – Amateurs in jeopardyand was reconfirmed in the role of valetta also in the following years, up to 1994.

antonella elia

With Corrado and maestro Pregadio a The Bullfight. (Getty Images) “

That very popular program gives her great notoriety: the showgirl then participates in other successful programs, such as Bulli & pupae, Pressing And Karaoke. Without to forget It is not Raihis other very important “springboard”.

Antonella Elia’s real fortune was precisely that of having become the “talking shoulder”Of some of the most important conductors of the time. In addition to the already mentioned Corradoin 1994 he started working with Mike Bongiorno in broadcasts such as Bravo very good, Mozart Prizebut their artistic partnership and their harmony emerge above all from it The wheel of fortune.

antonella elia

Paolo Bonolis and Antonella Elia at Non è la Rai. (Getty Images)

Valletta has very fond memories of its television “dad”: «I love it and I adore it“He said,” he was with me very affectionate. I know that everyone remembers our fight but he was angry with me as with a daughter, he was grumpy but after 10 minutes he hugged me and kissed me ».

Impossible to forget the collaboration of Elia with the great Raimondo Vianello, of which he has wonderful memories. “It was natural to him use my gaffes to make people laugh“, he said. «Raimondo was brilliant with me. He has created a character that really made you laugh. “

All three conductors, much older than her by birth, “they did everything for me, they raised me because I was little when I started working with them. They were protective, paternal, they taught me everything they could. ‘

The greatest teaching received by these TV greats? “Self-irony. Especially Vianello, he loved to make fun of others but also himself. He was marvelous. But Corrado too, he too had an extraordinary irony. The faces of him at the Bullfight they did the whole program. And Mike too: all of those gaffeI am convinced that there played consciously“.

Antonella Elia’s experience in America

At some point in his career, Antonella Elia leaves for Hollywood with the idea of become a movie star.

“I went to studying acting in Los AngelesHe said. “I also took the green card.” The American experience does not last long: the showgirl returns to Italy due to her relationship with a man, but the story ends badly.

In general, “I’m happy with her professional life,” she explained. “I have always did what I liked and as long as I liked it. As soon as I got bored, I left. ‘

When he was at the top on television “I gave up everything because I wanted to do theater. I love to change and can’t do the same thing for long. Even the way I take to get home by car, I change it because I get bored ».

Of course, «my choices did not, as someone wrote, lead me to be there Raffaella Carrà of the 2000s, but I have always followed my emotions. Now, for example, I would like to do cinemaand you will say: “Are you awake?”. I do not miss anything“.

Antonella Elia and the world of reality TV

After working with the greats of Italian TV, in recent years the showgirl seems to have found her professional position in world of reality and talent showsboth as a protagonist and as a columnist.

Just to name a few, it started with The Island of the Famous in 2004 as a competitor, while the following year she moved on to do the columnist.

In 2012 she returned to being shipwrecked again, and won the reality show. «I have already participated in two editions of The IslandHe explained. «I carry that reality show in my heart because in addition to human relationships it is one beautiful emotional adventure in nature“.

Antonella Elia

The showgirl wins The Island of the Famous 2012. (Getty Images)

In 2017 it switched to Beijing Expressin which he participated together with the fitness teacher Jill Cooperwhile the following year it was competing as a competitor on the Rai 1 program Such and Which Show .

He then participated in the Big Brother Vip 4 and then, with her boyfriend Pietro Delle Piane, a Temptation Islandto then go on to be a commentator of the GF Vip 5 conducted by Alfonso Signorini, and de The Pupa and the Nerdy Showwith Barbara d’Urso.

The drama of spontaneous abortion

In her life, Antonella had no children. And this is her biggest regret. “I miss a child, I miss motherhood, complete fulfillment as a woman, ”she declared.

Not that he hasn’t tried to have any. Unfortunately when she was managing to make her dream come true, she had a miscarriage. «I lost it immediately and then there was no more occasion why I have been left. Life went on and on I haven’t met the right man anymore“.

Today Antonella lives her desire for motherhood «as a dream, a bit like getting married in a white dress, “he explained. «I strongly believe that a mother should be young. I am ashamed because I am moving but for me this is a very touching subject“.

Love with Pietro Delle Piane

Today Antonella Elia lives a love story – which began in 2019 – with Pietro Delle Pianeactor seen in fiction Police District, Carabinieri 7, RIS 2 And A Place in the Sun.

«Pietro is 11 years younger than me, he is young, intact, pureShe said. “You make me enjoy it very much. TO Temptation Island it was a disaster because he wanted to play the role of the one who made me jealous. It is done hate from everyoneme above all, for a long time ».

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After a crisis, the two are back together. “He transfers the sense of family to me. I’ve always been a maverick, stray dog. For the first time, I’m building something together with a man, ”she said. And she seems sure: “Pietro is the man of my life. No one had ever been able to win me back ». The “maverick” has found peace.


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