• June 8, 2023

Adult acne: how to reduce scars with skincare and corrective make-up – iO Donna

TOIt is possible to reduce the signs of acne thanks to a skincare routine that uses fruit acids and corrective make-up bases with salicylic acid.

Adult acne: why they remain and what scars remain

Injuries that are not “active”, that is, that do not evolve by changing over time. This is how the acne scars they divide into are defined by experts three types: atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid.

Alicia Keys spoke openly about the acne problem via Instagram (@aliciakeys Instagram).

The first, atrophic, are the most common: it is oval-shaped epidermal depressions, quadrangular or triangular that occur when acne has not healed perfectly and the epidermis creates little connective tissue forming a depression.

The hypertrophic are raised and may be red, itchy and hurt. Of the same type also the keloids, much wider than the perimeter of the lesion left by the acne.

There are also signs caused by some incorrect behavior. Raise your hand if you have never tried to squeeze a pimple!

Acne scars: how they affect the skin

Acne changes theappearance of the skin and also compromises some functions. The sebaceous and sweat glands no longer form on the scar tissue and no more hair grows. Also, the epidermis appears not very elastic and thicker because it contains less fibers.

Another story is dehydration: acne impairs skin micro-circulation and the skin’s ability to retain water.

How to take care of it at home? With the right acids

The best remedy is prevention. Fortunately, though, once acne scars appear, they can still be lessened. How?

With a beauty routine based on retinoids and fruit acids (AHA). The former, in fact, increase the production of collagen and help improve the epidermal tone, preventing the appearance of further imperfections.

Among the AHA acids, however, the most recommended are glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids because they help regenerate the skin making it appear healthier and brighter. In cosmetic products they are present at 12%, while in cases of chemical peeling performed by specialists, the concentrations rise: up to 40% for aesthetic use, up to 70% for dermatological use.

The right method of application is also fundamental at home: to make them penetrate properly into the skin, exfoliating products must be massaged circularly.

Acne in summer: what it is, why it happens and the rules to follow

Acne in summer: what it is, why it happens and the rules to follow

What to do: essential routine and no alcoholic formulas

To lessen the scars, it is crucial to do pay attention to some behaviors. After using a cosmetic product based on exfoliating acids, it is necessary to protect the skin from sunlight with high protection.

Furthermore, all products containing alcohol should be avoided: this in fact dries the skin which, consequently, produces even more sebum by compensation.

Additional caution: avoid overlapping too many textures. Better a few but specific!

And the make up?

THEThe best makeup for acne-prone skin is the specific one. Important is theuse of a primer, to be applied before the base, so as to “fill in” the marks left by scars.

Next step, the concealer, to be chosen following the corrective makeup techniques. In the case of recent signs, therefore still inflamed, a green corrector that neutralizes the redness is preferable. If, on the other hand, the acne has left spots, it is better to opt for a more yellow shade.

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Only then do you move on to the application of a specific foundation. Those of the latest generation they contain sebum-regulating ingredients, such as salicylic acid, which perform a purifying and soothing action at the same time. A sort of hybrid cosmetics that hides the imperfection but at the same time the “cure” thanks to antibacterial active ingredients.


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