• May 28, 2023

Administrative 2022, Berlusconi’s appeal to the centrists: “Come to us, there is only room within our coalition”

He holds out his hand to the centrists and strikes a blow to the allies of the center right. Silvio Berlusconi brings together the staff of Forza Italia in Arcore with the final counting and dictates the blue line. The goal is to point out the moderate orientation of the party and put some stakes with respect to the new leadership of the center-right now led by the numbers of the Brothers of Italy. “Once again the winning center-right in the major cities is the one that has expressed candidates with a moderate profile, capable of addressing the center voters. To govern the country, the ideas and language of the liberals, Catholics, pro-Europeans, guarantors, represented by Forza Italia, will be absolutely essential “.

No drift to the right, therefore, according to the Cavaliere who opens the doors of the center-right to the new center parties: “The electoral data confirm that the center lists, even where they have obtained significant results, have not been able to influence the choice of mayors. the same would happen at the national level. This confirms that the ideas and principles of the moderates can only be effectively represented within our coalition, by liberal political forces such as Forza Italia. This is why I make an urgent appeal to the forces and above all to the central voters to come with us to strengthen the centrist component of the center right “.

Il Cavaliere does not miss the opportunity to attack the 5-star in crisis: “As for our opponents, the irreversible crisis of the M5S makes the left-wing coalition uncompetitive in view of the 2023 political elections. The disappearance of the 5S commits us to offer these discontented voters an equally strong but more serious response to the crisis of credibility of politics. Forza irtalia was born precisely for this reason, to profoundly renew politics, with professionalism and a sense of responsibility “, says the leader of Forza Italy.

The former prime minister assures that on his part there is no intention of overthrowing the government led by Mario Draghi that the Azzurri will support “until 2023”. Then he looks to the future and postpones to a later date the question of who will have to guide the Center-right in the next policies: “Internal balances and leadership problems are the least urgent of issues and will be the culmination of a path, certainly not that of departure. A path that will bring us back at the helm of the country, with the consent of the majority of Italians. Forza Italia has confirmed that it is a great national party, rooted and stable. The number of list votes, even without considering the civic lists to us very close, demonstrates an increase in the specific weight of Forza Italia on a general level and within the coalition “, concludes Berlusconi.

Giorgia Meloni is the new mistress of the center-right: “We are ready to govern”

by Lorenzo De Cicco

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