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What is Ayurvedic wellness?

THEAyurvedic wellbeing is the secret to finding the perfect balance between body and mind: how this ancient discipline works

Among the oldest systems of natural medicineL’Ayurveda comes from India and includes a complex number of treatments from massages to relaxation rituals to purification remedies.


Let’s start from the basics: the word “ayurveda” comes fromunion of two words, or ayu, which means life, see which means knowledge. Its meaning therefore is “knowledge of life”. Inside we find medical science, philosophy and art, with useful teachings to be able to keep in balance universe and man. The goal of Ayurveda wellness is to promote a healthy lifestyle with perfect harmony between body and mind.

The philosophy

According to Ayurveda, man is composed of a combination of matter and antimatter. So psychophysical well-being derives from a perfect interaction between body and mind, which is why an imbalance will cause disharmony. This philosophy has three different vital energies, called doshaswhich differ according to function and body location.

Well-being is therefore controlled by three doshas, ​​namely Vata, Kapa and Pitta. Vata guides movement and predominates elements such as air and space, while Kapa is dominated by water and earth, creating a balance and cohesion of the body. Pitta, on the other hand, presides over the metabolism, with a predominance of water and fire. If the Doshas are in balance the psychophysical condition will be optimal, in case of imbalances instead there will be disturbances.

Ayurvedic treatments

From this point of view, lifestyle, diet and a life in Nature are essential in order to keep the Doshas in balance, thus guaranteeing health. Ayurvedic treatments have precisely this purpose, in fact they serve to restore the balance between body and mind.

To find the center

Sarvanga Abhyanga is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that is carried out with theAyurvedic oil. Its purpose is to strengthen the immune system, relieve joint pain, eliminate stress and anxiety, helping you to find the center. It also promotes sleep, allowing you to recharge your batteries.

To counteract stress

It is called Abyangam, the ancient Ayurvedic wellness massage. The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate stress, restoring the lost harmony. The sensations felt are intense and pleasant, able to involve the whole body. In this way, a new emotional and spiritual balance is reached to remove anxiety and finally feel better. Treatment includes gentle touches and maneuvers, but also more decisive gestures that involve the articular and muscular apparatus. Eventually you will feel in touch with the Universe again and regenerated.

To slow down aging

Slowing down aging is possible thanks to Rasayana, a four-handed rejuvenating treatment to restore psychophysical balance. It is carried out on a traditional Indian sunbed, the Droni, made of solid wood. Ayurvedic wellness experts pour a warm oil on the body, spreading it with movements and maneuvers enveloping and long.

To eliminate water retention

Abhyanga is an ancient treatment characterized by vigorous pressure and maneuvers carried out on the whole body with a warm oil. It allows to overcome psychic and physical imbalances, and is particularly suitable for those suffering from water retention. In fact, it allows you to reactivate circulation and it is ideal especially in summer, against swelling and discomfort.

To open the third eye

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian treatment characterized by a hot flow of mediated oil that is applied to the forehead. The goal is to open and stimulate the so-called third eye. The sensations experienced are intense and extraordinary, with immediate well-being, thanks also to theuse of Tibetan bells accompanying the course of the session.

To rebalance body and mind

To undergo a treatment capable of rebalancing body and mind it will be necessary, first of all, to seek the advice of an Ayurvedic practitioner. They observe breath, complexion and constitution will know how to understand which is the dosha that needs to be rebalanced. To relieve tension and eliminate toxins from the body, the ideal is Abhyanga, a massage performed using a sesame oilnutritious and made thanks to a long and slow infusion process.

For beautiful skin

The secret to glowing and gorgeous skin? Avagahana, an Ayurvedic oil and cream-based bath capable of giving intense relaxation and silky skin. Together with the bath you can sip a cup of tea very fragrant with herbs. The massage must be combined with Garshana, a total massage made with raw silk gloves perfect for stimulating the functioning of the connective and lymphatic tissue, but also the metabolism.

To stimulate relaxation

Pindasweda is a treatment made with aromatic herbs in linen bags. The latter are heated and massaged on the body to facilitate the absorption of the various active principles. The herbs used the most are lemon balm and lavender, with a high relaxing power, but also rosemary and mint, useful for draining, basil and sage to stimulate mental well-being.

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