Weather forecast, start of the week between increasing heat and some thunderstorms. Then Scipio at maximum power

Weather forecast, start of the week between increasing heat and some thunderstorms.  Then Scipio at maximum power

( The week just started will be characterized by a warm start, but also by local storms then, as the days go by, Scipione, the African anticyclone that will cause yet another hot wave (the third of the season) with temperatures well above the seasonal averages.

All of this is due to a particular synoptic arrangement (called in technical term “Omega block”) that will be drawn on the hemispherical chessboard: in particular, the deepening of an Atlantic cyclone on the western sector of Europe will trigger a blaze of response hot air towards Italy.

Due to the counter-clockwise circulation of the currents around the minimum depression, this enormous atmospheric machine will consequently attract, towards the Mediterranean basin, a considerable advection of very hot air of continental sub-tropical extraction, coming directly from the red-hot deserts of Morocco and of Algeria.

Hence, Scipio will initially push in the direction of the Iberian Peninsula (here some heat records could fall, with the mercury column that could even touch 45 ° C in the shade) and France, then conquering a large part of central Europe – southern, including Italy. This new high pressure pulsation of subtropical origin will have a direct consequence on temperatures that will quickly rise above the average even by 8/10 ° C.

Antonio Sanòdirector and founder of the site, announces that this situation is completely anomalous for the period in which we are: in mid-June the average maximum temperatures generally fluctuate around 25/26 ° C in the main Italian cities.

Going into more detail, in the next 24 hours we will already feel the first effects of Scipio’s advance, with slowly but steadily increasing heat; however, pay attention to some thunderstorms, which, especially during the afternoon hours, may affect the Alpine and Pre-Alpine areas; isolated rain showers may also develop along the Apennine ridge.

In the next few days, the African anticyclone will really get serious, expanding with increasing vigor towards Italy: in fact, our country is expected to peak even at around 36/38 ° C, especially in the second part of the week, from Thursday. 16 and for the whole next weekend, with the risk that it could even touch 40 ° C: favored for this great heat will be the plains of the North and, in this case, cities such as Turin, Milan and Bologna, as well as the Tyrrhenian sectors of Tuscany and Lazio.


Monday 13. In the north: more unstable weather on the Triveneto (some storms). In the center: sunny and warm. South: sunny.

Tuesday 14. In the north: alternation between clouds and bright spells. In the center: sunny; afternoon thunderstorms in the Apennines. South: good weather.

Wednesday 15. In the north: good weather in the morning, afternoon thunderstorms in the Alps. In the center: sunny, but with thunderstorms in the afternoon along the Apennine ridge. South: all sun.

Trend. New expansion of the anticyclone with lots of sun and temperatures over 35 ° C in the North, less hot in the South; afternoon thunderstorms on the reliefs.


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