• May 28, 2023

Trezzano, molotov against property confiscated from the mafia, politics and civil society rise up. Pd: “Very serious gesture”

They felt an understandable fright, but they are animated by a great determination, which what happened has not in the least managed to scratch: the association Villa Amantea is already reacting after the launch of a Molotov cocktail against the building confiscated from the Sicilian mafia in via Pitagora in Trezzano sul Naviglio (in the Milanese hinterland) where some minor refugees included in a reception project are hosted.

The incendiary bottle was thrown a couple of nights ago in the courtyard of the building, right in front of the entrance to the house where the boys and the head of the house, the educator of the association were sleeping: fortunately there were no injuries, nor damage to the house. A man approached the entrance on a bicycle, on the spot he ‘built’ the incendiary bottle by pouring the gasoline from another plastic container, then he set fire to a piece of cloth and threw the Molotov cocktail in the courtyard . Then he disappeared leaving a backpack on the spot.

Trezzano sul Naviglio, Molotov cocktail against a house confiscated from the mafia. Solidarity of the mayor

The carabinieri of Trezzano and the Corsico company are investigating to establish the matrix of the gesture, on which there is currently no information. However, one thing is certain: “We will not be intimidated and we will not take a step back – guarantees the president of Villa Amantea, Patrizia Ricciardi – Talking about what happened and involving civil society, from which we are receiving many messages of support, means precisely to demonstrate that we are not afraid “.

Confiscated another property at the ‘Ndrangheta in via Morona 10

Precisely for this reason, after the difficult night lived – in which they worked themselves to collaborate in extinguishing the flames – the boys of via Pitagora yesterday still wanted to be present at the day organized by the Municipality for the cleaning of a high well confiscated from the ‘Ndrangheta, located in via Morona 10: “They were in the front row, together with the representatives of Libera, Civil Protection, the National Carabinieri Association’ Salvatore Nuvoletta ‘section, A House Also For You and the Municipal Council of girls and boys – underlines the mayor of Trezzano, Fabio Bottero – This demonstrates how well they are integrated into our community, of which they are in all respects an important component. The Villa Amantea project in our area has been going on for six years and nothing had ever happened Only at the beginning there had been some controversy, however pretext and of a political nature, but we had taken it into account. ato no problem “.

In particular, “yesterday we worked in synergy to fix the large apartment that once belonged to Vincenzo Loiero and seized him following investigations concluded in 2018, carried out under the direction of the deputy prosecutor Alessandra Dolci, coordinator of the district anti-mafia Directorate of Milan – says the mayor – The work carried out yesterday is a new victory of the state over organized crime, the clear sign that the mafias are not invincible, as judge Giovanni Falcone said “.

Whether the Molotov cocktail was the result of an act of vandalism or whether it has to do with the world of organized crime – obviously even worse hypothesis – “the fact in itself is still serious because it made the boys feel like a target – continues Patrizia Ricciardi – They, however, did not resign themselves to the role of victims and immediately took the situation in hand, working to defend what is currently their home, despite the fact that the educator tried to keep them away from the flames to protect them “.

In the meantime, messages of solidarity are multiplying: “Trezzano is a very serious episode aimed at all those who manage the confiscated assets and believe in the value of the social reuse of those same assets – commented from Libera Brescia – Hitting an association that carries out an important work of inclusion for many people, especially young people, is also an act of stupidity, because it harms the whole of society and harms us all “.

The invitation addressed by the lawyer Ilaria Ramoni, expert in anti-mafia legislation, is clear: “Let’s not leave the Villa Amantea association and the mayor Fabio Bottero alone. The confiscated assets and the Municipalities that promote their reuse are still the bulwark of the fight against mafia”. On the same wavelength the other mayors of the Milanese area, from Simone Negri of Cesano Boscone – “The confiscated assets are the sign of a social and cultural revival compared to the pervasive presence of organized crime” – to Corsico’s colleague Stefano Ventura: “We are and we will always be united against all mafias “.

Pd: “Very serious gesture”

And the first citizen of Gaggiano, Sergio Perfetti, speaks of a “vile episode, for which I express my solidarity and that of the whole Gaggiano community”. Even the Legality Department of the Democratic Party of the metropolitan area of ​​Milan has released a note on its Facebook page: “This is a very serious gesture, which could have tragic consequences – we read – We hug the whole community of Treviso, the mayor and to the Villa Amantea association, which offers a very precious reception service every day for unaccompanied minors by making a property confiscated from the mafias live. This further aggravates the episode and obviously raises disturbing suspicions. No pasarán “.

Grateful for these demonstrations of closeness, Mayor Fabio Bottero concludes: “Now let’s let the police do their job. We have faith in justice and we promise right now that we will take action with concrete solidarity initiatives: the Villa Amantea association and his boys will not be left alone. “

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